Korea and Japan FairPrice Finest presents authentic snacks and meal sets

Korea and Japan Fair at FairPrice Finest

No need to travel abroad to buy international snacks or wait for friends to visit with a bag full of treats. These days, local grocers like Awesome fair price Carry a catalog of ethnic foods and drinks so you don’t have to travel far.

In fact, from Now until July 13You can waltz at any outlet to satiate your cravings for Japanese and Korean food – courtesy Korea and Japan Exhibition. Try to exercise restraint as you fill your basket with authentic K- and J- products.

Stock up on exclusive snacks and drinks

With so many killer snacks like Pocky sticks and roasted seaweed, it’s safe to say Japanese and Korean snack games are strong. However, the star of the show will most likely be OG Nongshim Shrimp Crackers.

Having been around for over 5 decades, potato straws are reminiscent of well-cooked French fries in umami-infused shrimp seasoning. Although the original flavor always hits the spot, new creations like black truffle may also amaze you.


But don’t take our word for it. Swing by the FairPrice Finest during the fair and stay tuned Nongshim Prawn Crackers Black ($2.80). These cookies will be on the shelves from July 5th onwards.

Made with raw shrimp, Italian black truffle powder, and Spanish olive oil, Nongshim Prawn Crackers Black will keep your tongue and fingers reaching for more.

fairprice-best-korea-japan-fairImage credit: FairPrice

While you’re at it, you can try Golden duck fries with Korean BBQ cheese ($7.80). Think of it as the perfect combination of Korean barbecue and potato chips, dipped in layers of cheese.

fairprice-best-korea-japan-fairImage credit: @luv__m14

To wash away all those chips and also give yourself a boost of energy, grab a can of BTS coffee ($3.50). Coffee lovers can enjoy the smooth taste and rich flavor of the mixture, Which comes in Cold Brew Americano, Hot Brew Vanilla Latte, and Hot Brew Macadamia Mocha Latte.

For BTS fans, feel free to collect some cans to satisfy the boy band mania.

Get restaurant-wide meal kits at home

With deadlines flowing in at work, you may find yourself not having time to cook. But you have to eat in the end. This is why things like Meal groups So you can finally eat something other than instant ramen in the microwave.

At the Korea-Japan Fair at FairPrice Finest, expect to find an array of ready-to-eat Korean and Japanese dishes. Besides the usual suspects like IPPUDO ramen combos and curry discs, other items to look out for include O.BBa noodle dishes.

obba meal sets

Store files Obba Jjajangmyeon meal kit ($9.90) If you are a fan of dry korean black sauce noodles. These kits come with 2 servings of Luxurious spring noodles, real meat, homemade soybean paste, crunchy onions.

obba meal sets

But if eating a bowl of hot soup is what you live for, choose soup Oba Jjamppong Meal Set ($13.90) This is stuffed with 2 servings of fresh seafood, vegetables and pasta.

Both meal combinations were put together by the team behind the always-packed O.BBa BBQ chain of restaurants, so rest assured that their flavors are legitimate.

Korean and Japanese grocery transportation from FairPrice Finest

You may have 99 things to do and grocery shopping may not be one of them. But that’s about to change when you step foot at FairPrice Finest and are greeted with shelves of exclusive Korean and Japanese sweets.

Fair Price - Finest - Singapore

Fill your baskets with snacks, appetizers, and ready meals. Then stop by the fresh produce section to get some imported fruits and vegetables. Just remember not to go shopping when you’re hungry unless you want to make bad decisions and end up cleaning the shelves.

Visit Korea and Japan Fair at FairPrice Finest

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