KRISPY KREME® celebrates spring with its first-ever ‘Egg’ mini donuts

Charlotte, Nick–(work wire) –Crispy Cream Introducing the all-new little full spring clothes Which offers its fans delicious and wonderful spring bites to celebrate the new season.

Available in a custom box, inspired by a 16-issue basket starting April 4th for a limited time at participating stores across the US, Crispy Cream Little Spring includes three all-new, hand-decorated, shell-filled donuts and the return of the fan-favorite Mini Chic Donut:

  • Mini Chocolate Egg Donut: a small unglazed crust filled with Chocolate Cream™ dipped in chocolate cream and covered with streaks of icing in light azure and yellow.
  • Mini Cake Butter Egg Donut: a small unglazed shell filled with cream cake batter, dipped in three light sky blue stripes and dipped in small pastel sprinkles.
  • Mini Strawberry & Cream Egg Donut: a small unpolished shell stuffed with white cream, dipped in strawberry cream and sprinkled with pastel sequins.
  • Mini Shake Donut: a small, unpolished crust filled with white cream, dipped in yellow cream, then half dipped in white sanding sugar and decorated like a chick with yellow, orange and chocolate cream.

“Spring in full bloom is the inspiration for delicious new little spring eggs, each one filled with a fun, delicious little bite for the new season,” Crispy Cream Marketing Director Dave Skene. “These little pictures will add a joy-filled basket to any springtime celebration or activity.”

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