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I was a volunteer at Baconfest in K’ville on Sunday where I got my second best job at the event – selling beer and tux wine. Of course, the best work was pouring the aforementioned beer and wine. What a great event! They sold a bacon-themed food contest, which is perhaps the biggest draw away from Hot Roux’s musical performance. Of course, my selling partner, Miley Field, did all the work – I smiled a lot for the most part, carried the banter and enjoyed the atmosphere of the day. Fabulous! Looking forward to the next year! In any case, this week’s music lists will be as exciting as they were last week, with two new venues kicking off their summer schedule. So, without further ado, here’s our live music guide for the week from 6/21 to 6/29 (I know this is over a week but you’ll understand why when you read it…).

Put this either on your calendar or in the reminder app on your phone – Smiling Dogs Ranch will be playing Red’s Blues, not this Wednesday, but next Wednesday on the 29th.

The Blues Invitational Blues Jam at Hopland Tap will feature the house band of Wendy DeWitt, Kirk Harwood, Pierre Archain and Skip Engle from 7-10:00 – and there’s always the local North Bay Blues sitting, making it among the funniest Blues Jams. North of the Golden Gate Bridge. Food, libations and blues – how can you go wrong with that?!? A small cover fee will be required…

The Saw Shop Public House in Kelseyville on Thursday will perform Mark Weston’s rockin’ band outside on the sidewalk from 6 to 9:00. Then on Sunday mornings for brunch, Safe Sax will make your meal more enjoyable from 11 a.m. to 1:30 a.m. Always excellent food, always excellent music. greeting!

Let’s all give a big lake district a welcome to Lakeport’s Skylark Shores Resort, which will feature LC Diamonds music Thursdays from 6-9:00. It must be a fun show guys…

Adams Springs Golf Course in Cobb Mtn will provide two of LC’s top performers on Thursday when Kim Thomas and Anthony Neves (Tony to his friends…) perform at the Grand Piano from 7-9:00. Could it get better?!?

There was a last-minute alternative at Friday’s Lakeport Summer Music Series where The Lake County Diamonds will show you all how the music of a warm Friday evening can be. Bring chairs, food (no bottles) and maybe a sun hat and then show some love on the LCD screen! It’s at the Gazebo in Library Park, from 6 to 8:30.

The Eagles and Creedence play Cache Creek Winery east of Clearlake Oaks Friday night. Well, actually they are two very good tribute bands, “One of these Nights” and “Bad Moon Risin”. But who doesn’t love the music of The Eagles and Creedence? Music starts at 6:00 and tix for $30 up front, $40 at the gate. Go to the Cache Creek website to sell tickets and any other information. How cool is this dude?!?

On Friday evenings Happy Gardens Restaurant in Clearlake Oaks will serve up some great Asian food while Mark Weston’s band performs some great acoustic music from 6am to 9am. Great food, full bar and Mark? What is stopping you?!?

Robinsons Rancheria Casino Lounge in Nice will have two nights of excellent music when Patton Leatha goes up on Friday with Soul, R&B Band from 5-9:00. Then on Saturday night, everyone’s favorite local band, Twice as Good, will perform their musical magic from 9 to 1:00. Yuza!

Twin Pine Casino in Middletown on Friday and Saturday nights will attend the Sensations of Two Steppin, California Country from 9 to 1:00. Come on and give it a whirl!

On Saturday mornings from 10 a.m. to 1:00 a.m., Finley’s best farmer’s market at Shannon Ridge Mercantile expects some locally grown fruit and vegetables (and you don’t get any fresh from that…), as well as a variety of locally made produce. Crafts, jams, oils, baskets, hummus – you know, things you can’t live without. Playing music will be Margo and friends. It’s the all-inclusive fair and event you don’t want to miss. Thank you for supporting our local farmers, food producers and artisans.

Let’s welcome Brasfield Winery at Clearlake Oaks to our weekly schedule when they host a Saturday evening “Eruption Party” featuring Lake County Diamonds from 6-9:00. Come and enjoy an evening of food, fun and wine while the LCD screen rocks the joint.

On Saturday evenings, the Riviera Hills Lounge will offer excellent food, a full bar, great sunset views and Beats Werkin’s good RAWKIN music from 6-10:00. And the music will be outside – so expect a great time to dance under the twilight sky…

O’Meara Bros Brewing in Lakeport on Saturday offers a great menu, some of the best craft beers and beers you’ll find in NorCal, and this Saturday, they serve you dead rabbits from 6-9:00. All of this makes O’Bros the best nightclub in Lake County, without exception…

On Saturday evening, Richmond Park in the Lower Riviera will present Uncle Mercy starting at 7:30. One can still reach by boat – just say…

For those of you Jonesin’ for your Fargo Bros fix, they’ll be rocking ‘Pope Valley Winery’ on Sundays from 12 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. I love it when a new music venue starts. I love it even more when Fargos plays there. You will also…

From 2 to 5:00 on Sunday, Drinx Bar and Grill in Lakeport will host an Open Mic/Jam party featuring house band, Margo and Friends. Musicians, here’s your chance to start your star-studded musical career…

The Boathouse Bar and Grill in this cute little town of Nice will feature R&B, Blues, Funk and Rock of Dr Groove on Sundays from 3-7:00. With sunrise and warm evening weather, this would be the perfect place to wrap up the weekend. Nice Asian flair for their menu to add to your regular burger gallery – you’ll love it!

On a Sunday afternoon at Wine in the Willows in Lakeport, come enjoy some excellent local art, some excellent local wine, and excellent music by Austin and Owens from 3 to 5:00. Everything in this event will be on the top shelf …

Running Creek Casino in Upper Lake is happy to bring Mark Weston’s band on Sundays from 5-9:00. Maybe this will be your lucky night – don’t miss any chance…

Finally, the Blue Wing Saloon in Upper Lake always has excellent food, a full bar, and music all weekend long. On Fridays come and check out Torch Ballads and Classic Blues and Standards from a bygone era of music from the Majide Trio. You will love their performance from 6 to 8:00. On Saturday evenings from 6 to 8, the beautiful and talented Hilary Wilt will sing to you while you enjoy your meal. Sunday Brunch will present music for The Andy Rossoff Trio from 11:30 to 2:00. You will enjoy their stories as well as the music. For Sunday dinner come eat and drink but leave a little room for Chris Forchay. Everyone will have a good evening. And for the Monday Blues, come 6-8:00 to see LC’s only diamond, which will conclude its Lake County tour. It is always a good idea to make a reservation for any and all of these events.

Mendocino County

Hoppers Corner in Potter Valley will give you Howard Dawkins’ dance music on Thursdays from 4-7:00.

Ukiah Brewing will be performing Friday starting at 6:00 SR Rules music. On Sunday I expect Wendy DeWitt and Kirk Harwood to get you a dance until she gets to you starting at noon. On Sunday evenings, it’s all about Jazz Dudes starting at 6:00.

This Friday, Shanachie’s Bar in Willits will be showing 3 Point Hitch music starting at 8:00. Saturday 8:00, come dance to Carlos Selections and Spider Monkey Beats.

The Ukiah Sunday in the Park Concert Series will feature reggae and rock by Ariz Roots, as well as Top Shelf starting at 6:00.

I was excited to see two more spots added to our weekly list, but now I’m sad to hear two spots come out. The Spot has closed its doors, perhaps for good. Happy Gardens will not return on Fridays. Really sad. Thank you to everyone who came week after week to support our local music. And please keep doing this or we may lose more places. So, if and when you’re out to live music jumping around this week, have fun, but please be safe…

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Mike Guarniero

Mike has been playing professionally, both vocal and electrical, for over 40 years. He paid his dues in a solid Sonoma County music scene during the ’80s and ’90s, and then did the DJ job for 10 years after moving to Lake County in 1996. After retiring from his job of 26 years, aware of the growing local music scene, he decided to dedicate his time to playing music. live again. He never looked back. Along with his regular band, Dr. Grove, he filled lead guitar for local bands, (Fargo Bros., Blues Farm, CAM Band, Borrowed Time, Time Travelers). He has played acoustic guitar at some of the local wineries, restaurants, farmers markets, and art galleries. It’s also a semi-regular supporting several local open mics around Lake County. He writes and records original songs and has also recorded original demos for other performers as well. For the past three years, he’s posted on Facebook a local music guide called Lake County Music Guide.

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