Lighten up your 4th of July fare with grilled fish and vegetables with California wine

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Celebrate Independence Day with Twist California Wine Country

July 4, 2022 – San Francisco – Backyard grilling is a Fourth of July tradition across the United States, but in California’s wine country, we like to do things a little differently. Here, the Independence Day roast launch summons a special holiday menu that combines the Golden State’s farm-to-table bounty with world-class California wines.

Vibrant and healthy dishes like grilled halibut sandwiches with homemade hot sauce and grilled nectarine salad studded with summer sweet corn are colorful and festive. These lighter options pave the way for one to enjoy classic 4th of July activities from hiking and biking to getting out on the water – all mainstays of the California lifestyle.

Here are five recipes and wine pairings to help celebrate the Fourth of July in California wine country style.

Grilled fish taco

August Crop Roast FishTaco sauvignonblanc cCaliAny type of fish, or even shrimp, works well with these grilled tacos. We especially love Pacific halibut because it’s low in fat, flaky, and easy to grill. Serve the sauce separately so that spicy food lovers can add whatever they like. Wear it with California Sauvignon Blanc or Rosé.

Heirloom Tomato and Feta Salad with Champagne Vinegar

Tender heirloom tomatoes share the dish with light creamy feta cheese and a touch of fresh mint. Pair it with a California Sauvignon Blanc or Riesling.

Roasted eggplant and tomato salad with parsley and parmesan vinaigrette

Jolly Grilled Eggplant 1 Final California WineParsley adds bright flavor to smoked roasted eggplant in this Mediterranean-style salad. Versatile and satisfying, it can serve as a main dish or as a side dish. Pair it with California Merlot or Chardonnay.

Roasted peaches with aged balsam reduction

This easy-to-make dessert can also be served cold on a hot summer day, sweet, smoky, sharp and creamy. Pair it with California Pinot Noir or Viognier.

Grilled nectarine salad with arugula, prosciutto and corn

July Roast Nectarine Salad Crop 4 C Rose CaliforniaGrilling increases the sweetness of California nectarines, peaches, and peaches, and results in the caramelization of the fruit’s natural sugars. For this amazing salad, you can use nectarines alone, or a mixture of core fruits. Expecting vegetarian guests? Simply omit the prosciutto for equally delicious results. Pair it with California Muscat/Moscato or Rosé.

For more recipes and wine pairing ideas, visit Discover California Wines.
Source: The Wine Institute

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