Lincoln Restaurant in Miami Adds Sushi Eye

Lincoln Eatery, Miami Beach’s first modern food court, has announced the opening of any sushi. Chef Carlos Zheng’s sister concept, Ai Tallarin, Ai Sushi specializes in authentic Japanese cuisine, featuring signature maki, traditional rolls and high-quality sashimi. The concept is inspired by Chef Zheng’s Asian culinary background and his passion for creating authentic cuisine.

Chef Zing draws inspiration from each culture’s culinary background to create the ultimate sushi fusion concept. Chef Cheng grew up cooking countless regional dishes from all over Asia. He studied under Senior Sushi Chef Noboro Sanada before moving to Miami where he joined the Sushi Samba team at Coral Gables, among other popular South Florida restaurants. Ai Tallarin and now, Ai Sushi, are his latest passion projects. The offerings are inspired by Japanese traditions but influenced by today’s Asian fusion culinary trends.

“Creating concepts like Ai Tallarin and now Ai Sushi has given me the freedom to be creative while also challenging me,” says Chef Carlos Zheng. “The challenge in this industry is what motivates me to find unique ways to mix different cuisines together to create attractive dishes.”

Lincoln Eatery’s culinary center will operate daily, serving lunch and dinner within the decorated kiosk within the food court, home to more than 12 international dining concepts. Ai Sushi features signature maki rolls such as Rainbow Maki Eye ($16), kanekama, avocado, tuna, salmon, yellowtail, kamut crisp and aji crema; smoked hamachi maki ($17), shrimp tempura, cilantro, avocado, top hamachi, smoked jalapeno sauce; The Aburi salmon maki ($15), soy-marinated salmon, asparagus, avocado, soy leaf, sweet pepper truffle; La Mar Maki ($17), kanekama, avocado, seafood tartare, mozzarella cheese, sweet truffle soy; or the Sabari Maki ($16), daikon wrap, tuna, salmon, hamachi, avocado, asparagus, strawberry vinaigrette.

Guests can also choose to indulge in more traditional menus, such as Tikka Maki ($8)And the Spicy Tuna Roll ($9)And the Spicy Salmon Roll ($9)And the Philly Roll ($10)And the Nijihama Roll ($11)And the California Roll ($7)And the Avocado Roll ($6)or the Cucumber roll ($6). Or choose from sashimi options like sushi Shirashi Bowl ($21)made with tuna, hamachi, salmon, shrimp, tamago, unagi, avocado, cucumber, seaweed salad, and shiso; Sushi assortment ($23), a dish serving tuna, hamachi, salmon, shrimp, branzino, unagi, scallops, and spicy tuna; or the Sashimi Assortment ($23)2 tuna sashimi, 2 salmon sashimi, 2 hamachi sashimi, 2 branzino sashimi.

For some snacks, guests can choose from a range of options such as Seaweed Salad with Tuna ($16)Wakame salad mixed with tuna, edamame, carrots, avocado, radish, and sesame oil. Homemade Salad with Tuna ($16), edamame, carrots, avocado, red onion, radish, cherry tomatoes, topped with ginger dressing; Crab Salad ($11)made with kanekama, edamame, avocado, red onion, cucumber, topped with apricots and tossed with spicy mayonnaise; Tuna Tataki ($17)Served with garlic flakes, garlic oil, avocado, asparagus, garnished with green onions. Steak Tataki ($16)Served with truffle ponzu sauce, garlic flakes, red onion, wasabi, kizami and green onions. or the Salmon Crudo ($17)Served with mango salsa, yuzu oil, serrano pepper and garnished with lemon peel.

Ai Sushi is now open and operates daily from 11am-10pm and is located inside Lincoln Eatery Food Hall. Stay up-to-date on Ai Sushi by following @AiTallarinandSushi and LincolnEatery on Instagram.

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