Linda Elshy Obituary (1933 – 2022) – Chicago, Illinois

Linda M. Eilshee (born Linda Crawford), left this world on her usually highway on June 12, 2022. Stephen, Linda’s beloved wife, followed her only a few days later, as we imagined her standing at the gates of heaven became increasingly impatient with his arrival. Their love story spanned 69 years after knowing each other just two months before they got married at the age of 18. They spread magic wherever they go throughout their lives together.

Linda was loved and greatly respected by her five children, ten grandchildren and six great-grandchildren, as well as many other people who became her family along the way.

Linda has always been a wife and mother first, very protective of her family. As an energetic woman, she would sacrifice her own needs, and would wear nylons and tattered clothes with missing buttons, so that her children could have the best. Linda made sure her family learned how to snowboard and water ski, when she didn’t know how to swim and wasn’t particularly fond of snow. Linda and Steve created endless memories for their families and friends in Bend, Oregon and Shasta, California to pursue these fun activities. Linda and Steve have also been involved in sailing and share this passion with family and friends.

Linda wanted the absolute best for her family and always made it happen.

Linda was a great baker/chef and won the Washington County “Best Apple Pie” contest for a year. Not only did Linda make sure her family could “sit down” to dinner, many times with candles and tables fully prepared, every night, but she could also make great party fare for friends and family.

Linda was a very active woman who became an entrepreneur and business owner for most of her career. However, it did not end there. Linda wasn’t one to rest, and insisted that she and Steve get real estate licenses after Steve retired, because she wouldn’t just sit around. They enjoyed this second career in their early 80s. Linda has instilled a strong work ethic in her family, and she probably thinks everyone should “get up, wash their faces and get back to life” now that she and Steve have moved on.

Linda lived a full, well-rounded life and was very likable. Linda was ready to “go to God”. We as a family are fortunate to have been in her care, and we are sure she is now spending her time reorganizing and directing others in Heaven.

Linda relied heavily on her faith, and she will always appreciate a prayer from you.

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