List of the best restaurants near me in Columbus GA: Trip Advisor

Foodies Columbus, rejoice. This list is just for you.

If you have a big appetite and plenty of time to spare, check out this list of the eight best restaurants in Columbus, according to TripAdvisor.

Steakhouse Mabila Italian Restaurant

14 Street 11 St

309 reviews, 4.5 rating

According to their website, “Chef Tom Jones provides high-quality interpretations of classic dishes and boldly ventures into uncharted territories of Italian cuisine.” The menu consists of classic pasta, stuffed pasta, grilled Marsala chicken, plenty of steaks, and more.

“Best well prepared dinner. nice weather. You can’t go wrong with this choice. The staff were most professional and added an elegant glow with their excellent service and attention,” Karen Dunlap wrote in her comment on TripAdvisor.

11 and Bay_8M0A6946.jpg
Umbrellas shade the patio at 11 and Bay, 1050 Bay Avenue, in Columbus, Georgia, on June 28, 2021. Madeline Cook [email protected]

The Eleventh Table and the South Bay

1050 Bay Ave.

399 comments, 4.5 rating

The 11th and Bay Southern Table serves the best seafood and American cuisine. The restaurant is located in an old cotton warehouse and has a modern rustic feel inside as well as its food. The menu blends old and new classics, with a Southern twist. Dishes like braised belly, shrimp and grits, steak and seared scallops.

“My husband and I came for dinner on our first night in Georgia. This restaurant did not disappoint. Only here for 5 days and might stop again before heading home,” Jane Watts wrote in her review. “The watermelon salad, ham steak, grits, and grouper, and the service were exceptional.”

Buckhead Steak and Wine

5010 Armor Road

1,068 comments, 4.5 rating

At Buckhead Steak and Wine, guests will get only the best meat, beer, and wine. On the menu are lobster risotto, scallops, prime rib and some wild game options such as lamb, elk and bison. Buckhead also mixes some great cocktails like The Lemonhead with New Amsterdam vodka, Limoncello, Lemon Juice, Simple Syrup or Butterbeer with New Amsterdam Vodka, Butterscotch Schnapps, Amaretto and Vanilla Cream Soda.

“My wife and I came for a date tonight and we had nothing but the best. From the lovely interior, romantic vibes and then to the great service,” wrote Leslie Vaughn “Alison, our server was absolutely wonderful and guided us through the dinner perfectly. I highly recommend this place to anyone! Absolutely perfect!”

The loft

132 Broadway

564 comments, 4.5 rating

Smoked queso, thai shrimp taco, goat burger, fillet and more. The Loft serves up top-notch contemporary dishes for everyone – the restaurant even offers great vegetarian and vegan options. The Loft also has great entertainment and venue space.

“I’ve always had great service at The Loft. The fillets are great but if you’re a chicken lover, then the stuffed chicken is the best,” wrote Vicki Robinson.

Kitchen epic.  jpg
Jamie Keating, center, chef and co-owner of the Epic Restaurant in Columbus, Georgia, and crew serving dinner on Wednesday evening. This week’s Foodie Friday takes us to Epic, where Nick Wooten finally manages to finish his “roaming tour” in search of a place to eat kangaroos. Mike Husky [email protected]


1201 Front Ave.

231 comments, 4.5 rating

Located on the banks of the Chattahoochee River, Epic is an intimate setting with artworks hanging around the restaurant by local artist Teil Duncan. Guests can enjoy the ambiance and dine on the butcher’s board with full table or veal yourself. There’s also duck, scallops, and halibut, so there’s something for everyone on Epic’s menu.

“I’ve eaten at EPIC twice now, and I have to say the restaurant is a show stopper! Lovely decor, first class service and gourmet food,” wrote Nicole Kirksey.

Picking chicken and biscuits

1208 First Ave.

243 comments, 4.5 rating

Get the chicken and cracker picks – or order the chicken and crackers instead. Either way, you won’t be disappointed. Grab the fried chicken salad, cracker sandwich, or chicken pot pie. This restaurant also serves breakfasts with eggs, covered biscuits, and plenty of jams and jellies to smooth or dip your first dish.

“I have a Benedict biscuit and it was great. I will go back and order it again. I met a lady there on our first blind date. I made a good choice,” said Eddie Oliver.

Mini fried chicken.  jpg
Minnie’s Uptown is one of the best restaurants in Columbus. Photo from Mini Uptown/Facebook

Mini Uptown

104 Eighth Street

254 comments, 4.5 rating

If you’re looking for Southern food made from scratch, look no further. Minnie’s is known for its powdered cakes and sweet tea, but its fried chicken and salmon patties won’t disappoint either. Tripadvisor reviews give Minnie’s Uptown 4.5 out of 5 stars.

“Minnie has some of the best county cooking in Columbus. People in my office eat there a few times a month. We’ll never be disappointed,” wrote Tony Garland.

Picture (4)
The Black Cow on 12th Street. Chuck Williams [email protected]

black cow

115 Street 12 Suite A

468 reviews, 4.5 rating

Black Cow Takes Southern comfort to heart, the “amazon grazin” menu includes dishes you wish your mom had made. Try the lobster tots and the famous cheese bacon. Just steps from the slopes of RushSouth and Whitewater Park, come to dine and stay for fun with handcrafted beers, signature cocktails, and a ride on the Lil Rafter the Bull.

“Nate was a great cut. Very professional and hardworking worker! Thank you for the great service and great food,” wrote Adrianna Bonasera.

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