Lobster Rolls for Men and Connecticut

Growing up in the small town of Keene, New Hampshire, there was one thing my family always did on special occasions: drive to Kimball farm Lobster roll and ice cream. I didn’t get the lobster rolls, though. I guess my parents never let a kid responsible for $30 of seafood. But I knew it was special and delicious (at least I can decipher a lot of the single bite I was allowed to eat).

I also learned that lobster rolls are served one of two ways, cold or hot, as we called them. Hot means it’s getting warm, soaked in butter on rolls with extra butter on the side. Cold means it came just like Kimball Ranch did with mayonnaise.

Everyone in the Northeast seems to have a preference. You’re either a fan of the hot lobster rolls, or you just want the cold version. There were a lot of restaurants that did not specify how to prepare lobsters. You should have known instinctively that it would be the better version. It wasn’t until I got the job that I discovered that “hot and cold” lobster rolls are actually more distinct names.

What’s the difference between Maine lobster rolls and Connecticut lobster rolls?

Maine lobster rolls are served with chilled lobster meat topped with mayonnaise and some crunchy greens like chives, celery, and/or green onions. Connecticut lobster rolls are served warm, dipped in butter, on toast. But after talking to some people who own lobster shacks and seafood restaurants around New England, I’ve learned that it’s all about where you are.

Sarah Sutton from The . said: bite min lobster roll food truck “If you order a Connecticut model in Connecticut, it’s a warm roll. If you order [the same in] Maine, the meat will most likely be cooled with butter either on the top or on the side.”

Steve Kingston the word shack In Kennebunk, Maine, agreed. His restaurant’s lobster rolls are served with “chilled meat piled on a grilled, round, locally made yeast roll, and served with the customer’s choice of mayonnaise on the roll or warm butter on top of the cold meat.” It is probably best to ask if it is not specified in the list.

Is a lobster roll in Maine or Connecticut better?

I’ve discovered that this is a serious question to ask New Englanders. As I remember from my childhood, everyone has an opinion.

Rachel Stebonkos and Angela Morander said: lobster landing In Clinton, Connecticut. “With the cold types, you can add more filling, but with the hot types, it’s simply lobster, lemon, and butter on a roll—that’s it.”

Fans of the other style make a similar argument. “I’m a Fundamentalist,” said Janet Dimitri, owner of I’m a Fundamentalist. The Friendly Fisherman’s Restaurant & Seafood Market In Cape Cod, Massachusetts. “I think the way we prepare our rolls is the traditional way to consume the perfect lobster sandwich — a buttered toasted roll, a few crunchy greens, and chunks of meat topped with a bit of mayonnaise. If you want hot lobster, steam it and pick it yourself!”

Arnold Lobster Restaurant & Kalam Bar In Eastham, Massachusetts, it serves them both ways, but one copy sells a little better. “Cold lobster rolls are still the most popular, but not by much,” said owner Nate Nickerson.

described us for Best lobster roll ever It is served in Connecticut style. The main comment states that if Maine’s style is what you like the most, try Our lobster salad recipe.

So which do you prefer?

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