Long lines and weird sweets return to Grant Park for the Taste of Chicago – The Columbia Chronicle

Dozens gather at one of the stages of the Taste of Chicago to enjoy free live music. Irvine Ibarra

The sweet aroma of fresh and grilled churros Hot dogs filled the air as live music played around Buckingham Fountain and Chicago foodies braved long queues for Taste of Chicago returns in Grant Park.

said Rebecca VanderKloot, owner of Doom Street Eats, a Chicago catering specialist events and festivals.

A favorite of maple bacon grilled cheese, Doom Street Eats He was just one of the 30 food vendors in the free entry event that took over the park 8-10 July.

Vanderclot said It originally started selling only cream puffs, but has expanded over its 13 years in business and owns both Puffs of Doom with a dessert-focused menu, and Doom Street Eats with menu items focused on savory.

Anthony Rigoni prepares more hot dogs as a line forms at the Taste of Chicago booth. Irvine Ibarra

The Chicago kennel was stationed On the other side of the park is where Anthony Rigoni, dressed in a hot dog hat and one-piece sausage, cooked the restaurant’s beloved alligator sausage — which Rigoni said was made with real crocodile meat. Rigoni assists the hot dog restaurant at 816 W. Fullerton Ave. , for six years in grilling and working in a culinary line in Chicago Events like Lollapalooza and Pitchfork.

“Everyone loves Chicago dogs, you can’t go wrong there, right?” Rigoni said.

Besides the list of sellers, Xurro factory brought original Churro Churros for this mix. A family business since 1996, it opened its first storefront location in Pilsen in 2009 and is located at 2214 S. Wolcott Ave. She has attended Taste of Chicago for seven years. Restaurant The most common element is churro sundae with ice cream and churro cut in half with chocolate or strawberries.

Sizzling on the grill is the Chicago Doghouse Large Alligator Sausage with Chicago-style hot dogs. Irvine Ibarra

“This has been a really great year,” said Juan Covarrubias, owner of Xurro. “All events are back except for this one, they took longer to come back, but we are very happy.”

The event also featured a beer hall, wine tent, and cocktail lounge along with free live performances by musicians like Nelly and Drive-By Truckers on the Taste Main Stage. On the second day of the event, Eli’s Cheesecake and Taste of Chicago celebrated their birthdays with a 1,000-pound cheesecake. who – which Shared with attendees for free. Chicago SummerDance also appeared during the weekend event where they gave free introductory dance lessons.

Vanderclot said: “It’s great to have a weekend where things are fun. “Serving food and sharing food with all kinds of people, that’s what I love to do.”

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