Louis Fassi scores best result of the season | LPGA

With 59 stealth-free in Saturday’s final round, Stacy Lewis And the Maria Fassi(Team TexMex) added their names to the records of the Dow Great Lakes Bay Invitational, taking the fifth card in the sub-60’s in tournament history. Lewis and Vasey, alumni of the University of Arkansas women’s golf program, started the day in a tie for eighth and eventually climbed to third on their own at -20 overall, a season’s best showing for both players.

“I think it’s confidence for both of us. I felt like I’ve played some better golf this year and maybe the results aren’t showing up, and talking to her, I think she’d probably say the same,” said Lewis, a 13-time LPGA Tour winner. “Just for us both to see some hits go in and you see some shots go in and do what you’re trying to do, it doesn’t matter what they look like.”

This is the second year in a row that Lewis and Vassi have teamed up in Michigan, as the duo finished in a tie for 12th in 2021 at -14 overall. On paper, it might appear that Vasey, known for her off-the-shirt length, and Luis, famous for her prowess in short matches, would mesh well in four-ball form, but she struggles hard in the quad. Instead, El Fassi said their disparate games were easily balanced by their personal relationship and close friendship.

“I think this year there has been a lot on the mental and emotional side of things. I’m still a bit of strategy and course management,” said Vasey, who had the best result of her four-year career on the LPGA Tour, but I think I improved a lot from what we had the year past.” “I think after this week I can continue to work a lot on the mental side of things. I think the last couple of days have been very good in this regard. We talked a lot and it was great to see why she is the player that she is. A lot of it comes from her head.”

Lewis was not only happy with her personal performance this week, but also with what she saw from the tournament winners Jennifer Kupshaw And the Lizette Salas. As captain of the US 2023 Solheim Cup team, Lewis was thrilled to see two of her potential players continue their successful partnership. Kupshaw and Salas went 2-0-1 in the 2021 Solheim Cup and immediately sensed something, telling Luis, who was assistant captain, that you’d better think twice before splitting them.

“They developed really good chemistry last year, and to the point where I think it was the first game, they played together and they walked off the golf course and said, ‘Don’t differentiate us,'” Lewis said. “They kind of found a groove and love playing together enough. I was excited to see that they decided to play together again.”

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