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Chef Manato Ueno

The know-how emerged from Edomae nigiri omakase’s unique experience as a new model for dining with SUSHIDAN at MGM Macau’s Rossio under Chef Manato Ueno. An evolution of the popular sushi restaurant Hakkoku in Tokyo by Chef Hiroyuki Sato, Chef Manato greets diners with the tradition of experiencing Edomae nigiri omakase – a big aspect of the essence of Japanese food culture – combined with his own playful twists that capture modern-day whims and palettes.

Showcasing the art of striking the perfect balance between tradition, flair and visible delicacy through meticulous craftsmanship, the chef makes sure that every piece of nigiri is meticulously served with the utmost attention to detail and great respect for tradition. Chef Manato prepares two different combinations of shari and sushi rice. They season with their own vinegar mixture, which consists of several white and red vinegars, with young and long-lived mixtures to form the ripe taste. Each shari bean is covered in a ruby ​​sheen that balances umami, plumpness, acidity, and salinity.

Chef Manato collaborates with a Japanese rice expert to create a special blend of rice grains. The blend is formulated with different types of grains sourced from various Japanese prefectures according to their varieties, maturity and harvest season, to harmonize the moisture, texture and chewiness of the shari.

No different types of wasabi are so revered as reddish-purple Mazuma wasabi, as they can only be grown in the “Grand Kru” region, Shizuoka in Japan, where a very special enduring temperature and water are provided. SUSHIDAN source is Mazuma Wasabi’s highest rated cultivar which offers a unique, creamy aroma, light spice, and sweet and delicate taste.

All this work put in place to perfect the buyer is meant to bring out the freshness of the best caught every season – although Chef Manato is physically located in Macau, he remains committed to his decade-long practice of contacting Japanese fish suppliers from the market Toyosu Fishery in Tokyo every morning early to reserve a high-quality catch. A highlight will be tuna tosaki, the tasty part of the meat in the tuna’s neck, and there is only one percent of the neck meat in tuna. This makes the cut even rarer than the Otoro, the belly of the tuna. With the chef’s experienced techniques in fish handling, fish aging, and curing, to name a few, Chef Manato strives to impress his guests by carefully cultivating the peak of each type of fish served at Sushidan’s omakas dinner.

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