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by STACEY patton wallace

My husband Mike and I are definitely not the athletic type. Instead, we’re totally goofy, but lovable. Often this tendency to be less agile in interesting situations when we were teachers at Long Cane Middle School in LaGrange, Georgia.

For example, one day in his computer class, Mike stood up from his rolling chair, unknowingly pushing him back with his leg. Moments later, he sat up, losing the chair completely and landing on his back.

Mike, shocked for a moment, sat there for a minute. Then he started shaking his head as if to say, “Are you kidding me?” This she did; His students erupted laughing.

Also, one day in our school lunchroom, I went to get some more sweet tea. Someone had spilled chicken noodle soup on the floor and failed to clean it up. I didn’t see the soup, but my feet found it. I slipped and fell flat on my back, right in front of my student dining table.

Surprisingly, my sixth graders didn’t burst out laughing. They didn’t even laugh. Instead, they just froze; Maybe they were afraid that I was dead. I tried to be gentle, which was impossible in this position, got to my feet, took a few bows for my unplanned gymnastics routine, and said, “Thank you, thank you!”

As I told my kids, “I’m fine. You can laugh.” They did, at least a little bit. I really admire the restraint. I’m afraid I would have laughed if my short “Pooh-sized” English teacher had crashed right in front of me.

Last week Mike and I had a unique dining experience: a delicious meal and the chance to play on a nine-hole golf course, challenging our lack of sport. We had lunch (dinner) at The 19th Hole Restaurant & Sports Bar at 1120 S. College St. in Auburn.

The restaurant, which offers indoor and outdoor dining, is locally owned by Jonathan Davis and formerly The Country Club of Auburn. Mike and I really liked the sporty theme of the restaurant. There was even a cardboard cutout of Phil Mickelson, mama’s favorite golfer and golf-related video game.

Izzy, our server, was pleasant, being kind, helpful and attentive. The list is cleverly written using golf terminology. For our appetizer, which is called the Training Round, Mike and I chose the paprika master. This peppery cheese was homemade and served with bacon and pita points. Oh, my twice. The sweet pepper cheese had a wonderful flavour. Also, the portion was very generous. The pita points were warm and complimented the sweet pepper cheese perfectly. Mike and I enjoyed these appetizers so much, we just filled them up.

For his entree, Mike chose wings and fries. He said his meal was really fresh and good. I ordered a club quesadilla, which included chicken (or steak) with refrigerated sweet corn, chips and sauce. It was also great I loved the contrast between the cool corn and warm quesadillas.

Besides our amazing masters of sweet pepper entrees, The 19th Hole also offers diners an impressive selection of other appetizers, some of which include: 19-hole charcuterie board, cream cheese golf balls, spinach bacon, artichokes, fried Wickles, and 19 Hole nachos .

19th Hole Sports Restaurant & Bar also serves salads, sandwiches, burgers and pizza. Believe me, there is something for every dinner. The pimento masters in itself was worth the visit. We resisted dessert, but the choices were tempting: fried cinnamon strawberries, fried Oreos, cinnamon apple pizza, cheesecake of the week, beignites and dessert.

Now, Mike and I are not skilled with a putter. I know you are shocked. Once on the driving range, Mike swings his stick and hits the golf ball. However, instead of going straight, the ball went sideways and hit his friend’s golf putter.

Also, one time I swing a golf putter and completely lost the ball. Finally, last May, Mike and I were playing golf at Orange Beach. I didn’t notice that the green carpet was sloping. She fell on her, hitting the ground hard. The green carpet ate the skin of my knees and drew blood from them. I may be the only person in the world who suffers an injury while playing golf. I now have a scar as a keepsake. Mike almost stumbled down the slope as well, but luckily grabbed a golf club.

Since this injury was still fresh in my mind and because the heat indicator could melt steel, we didn’t play the nine-hole course at The 19th Hole this time. However, when the memory of that humiliating injury fades, and the weather gets colder, we’d love to give it a try.

The 19th Hole Sports Bar & Restaurant is open on Sundays from 10am to 10pm; Monday to Thursday from 11 am to 10 pm; On Fridays and Saturdays from 11 am to 10 pm (in the kitchen) and from 11 am to 11 pm (the bar/course).

The 19th Hole Sports Restaurant & Bar ranks an A+ from this retired English teacher. Remember, “Pooh-sized” people never lie about food. Enjoy!

Stacy Patton Wallace, who retired from teaching language arts for 30 years, is a professional diner. Her column, “Making the Grade,” will appear each week on The Observer.

Stacey can be reached at [email protected]

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