Make the most of your time in Rosarito

Baga Beach Festival Fast forward, and there are still passes available! Sitting oceanfront on 3 acres of beach with a ferris wheel, local food vendors, games, a witch station, and more, it’s a festival to add to your annual calendar.

This year’s headlines include Maluma, Anuel AA, Farruko, and MS . PandaAnd the Wesen Yandel Daddy Yankee who is currently on a farewell tour. The festival runs the weekend of August 12-14 and the weekend of August 19-21, and we spoke with the founders Aaron AmbodiaAnd the Chris Dean Augillto get the inside scoop on what to expect, how to make the most of three-day weekends, after parties, and more.

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How important is a festival like this, with the biggest names in Reggaeton and Latin music?

Aaron: I think it’s one of the coolest things because the Latino community is underserved in these kinds of experiences. There was really nothing they could relate to. In my opinion, I’m Mexican-American, lived in Mexico and San Diego, and you’d have the typical festivals, right? Like Coachellas, EDCs, but nothing that celebrates the culture, the food, the music, and obviously all these big headlines we love listening to. So it’s so cool and so special to me.

Chris: I think by the time we started this festival, it was a moment in time when the urban Latin artists, reggaetons, and Latinos in general that we’ve booked really, really start to feel a momentum beyond their tough tours that they’ve been working on. Tough year after year. I think when we launched this, it was a really pivotal moment, especially in the States. But now fast forward a few more years, it’s so universal that the genre has really exploded. And there wasn’t this festival every year that artists could call their own, as Latinos could call their own from a fan’s point of view. So I think the Baja beach Fest really checks this box, not only from the fans and from this story of inclusion, but also from the artists. I talk to these guys all the time, and one thing that’s great, so special that a lot of people can’t see because behind the house, is just the friendship and love that all the teams have for each other and the artists they have for each other. It’s kind of like the Super Bowl or some big sporting gathering where it’s kind of unique. They don’t all go to one place at once that often, so I think there’s a lot of magic going on at the event.

What should festival-goers be excited about when it comes to this year’s Baga Beach Festival? What makes it different from all the other years.

Aaron: If the Baja Beach Festival goers go back years, I think the main point of difference is that we really mixed talent this year. Three of the six headlines we’ve never had before at the festival. One of them is Daddy Yankee, and he’s in the middle of his retirement tour. So I think it will be a very special moment for his fans because this is the only festival he plays.

Chris: In terms of the experience, we always try to raise the bar for the experience. So there’s a bigger Ferris wheel, and now there’s helicopter flights. There are more shoots and more food vendors.

Baja Beach Fest© Baja Beach Festival

What is your advice to festival-goers to make the most of their three days?

Aaron: If you can stay in Rosarito, I think the experience is much better in a hotel, whether it’s the Rosarito Inn, Festival Plaza, or Rosarito Beach Hotel. Just because you’re going to park your car, forget it, any kind of transportation. Everything is within walking distance, from a five minute walk to maybe an eight minute walk from the farthest hotel, and you can enjoy all the restaurants around, you can enjoy the after party festival, and other bars around you too. So the city is coming back to life. The Baja Beach Fest takes over Rosarito.

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