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This article is the first in a series by St. Paul’s Journal celebration 30 Ministry of AgricultureThe tenth birthday. Join us as we browse some of our favorite memories from the past 30 years.

They say taste and smell can be two of the biggest keys to unlocking your strongest memories. Grab a milkshake and travel back in time to a childhood ice cream shop. Smell the cinnamon rolls and take them to your grandmother’s kitchen. Mall of America has its own unique tastes and aromas that fill us with what we love about MOA and why. Join us on this sensory journey down memory lane as we recall 10 delicious dishes from restaurants that hold a special place in our mall-loving hearts. Be prepared to sharpen your palate, loosen your belt and go hungry.

  1. When Rainforest Café It came to the Mall of America in 1994, and was the first-ever popular series site. Now in its second location inside the mall, the lively restaurant is decked out with moving electronics like the “Julius Squeezer,” a 25-foot-high hurdle, and a 14-foot Nile crocodile. No trip to this forest is complete without volcano candy. Think warm chocolate brownie with sticky vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce – it’s an adventure you don’t want to miss. 306 South Avenue
  1. Is there a more perfect combination than shopping with a side of cream puffs? We don’t think so. Bird Papa It is famous for its world-famous desserts – in particular, delicious and delicious cream pies. It was originally a small bakery in Osaka, Japan, and its location in the Mall of America is the only place in Minnesota where you can find the best combination of double-layered pancake and vanilla whipped custard cream filling. Mouth-watering, indeed. 375 North Garden
  2. When Maso sushi and robata Opened at MOA in 2012, food court dining has received a serious upgrade. The Japanese restaurant has evolved into one of the stops for the discerning shopper. It offers a range of sushi and different types of ramen, soba and udon noodles. We’re still dreaming about udon’s short rib – find out why for yourself. 344 South Blvd
  1. all about Bread is my home It is sure to put a smile on your face. First of all, a kind regards to the owner Emily Osterberg who welcomes you. Then there’s the rotten smell that brings you dreams of sugar, Nutella, s’mores, and more. Finally, there is the food itself. The only concern you’ll have is choosing between a Pug Chow, a peanut butter cake dipped in chocolate and peanut butter and wrapped in Chex Mix and powdered sugar, or the Buckeye, a chocolate cake filled with a creamy peanut butter mixture covered in Chocolate Jettard. Good luck and God bless you! 392 West Market
  1. When you combine two of Minnesota’s most ostentatious parts — the Mall of America and the State Fair — you know you have a recipe for success. curd cheese state fair in Twin City Grill (Omar MOA), you should try it on your food venture. You’ll get the fried cheese wow factor without the shoulder-to-shoulder crowds. 130 North Garden
  2. You won’t want to waste the day – there’s plenty to do – but it’s fun to take a break from the shopping and entertainment at the mall and relax in Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville. As the only location in Minnesota, the family-friendly place opened in 2016 and with each passing winter in sub-zero temperatures, we were grateful for the tropical comfort. It’s hard to miss a cheeseburger at Paradise, and even more difficult to avoid having one of the buffet songs stuck in your head. 344 East Broadway
  3. Willy Wonka has nothing to do with the lively escape aka sugar factory. Kids and parents alike flock to the land of brightly colored and whimsical candy. Little ones can’t fight the rush of sugar that accompanies rich drinks like tie-dye milkshakes, but parents are usually too busy with alcohol-filled treats to go unnoticed. It’s really fun for the whole family – the only person who wouldn’t love this great stop is your dentist. 206 South Blvd
  1. Mall of America is no stranger to celebrities – but when it comes to valastro . friends Cake leader Brought Carlo’s Bakery To the Mall of America in 2017, he added not only face but also flair to his famous list. The bakery’s only Midwest bakery location is known for its delicious lobster tails and cannoli treats, making shopping a close second and loving Italian pastries totally natural. 60 East Broadway
  2. Who remembers when Hollywood came down to our big mall and Planet Hollywood Opened in 1993? Even though the restaurant closed in 2003, we will never forget our Cabin Crispy Chicken Fingers. Our crunchy, slightly sweet breadcrumb delicacy will live on in our culinary memories as the perfection of chicken fingers forever.
  3. This may be new to MOA’s lineup of deliciousness, but don’t rule out a lasting impression duck donut It will make it on your mouth. After announcing a new location in the Mall of America in 2019, the donut shop delayed opening until December 2021. Thankfully, the DIY donut shop kept its promise, bringing the breakfast of champions to your morning shopping spree. 382 West Market

Tucci Binoche, one of the original restaurants in the mall, may have closed after 25 years, but his memory is still fresh in our hearts and taste buds. It’s hard to forget Tucci’s famous baked spaghetti, which uses ricotta cheese and Alfredo sauce to speak properly to our carb-loving hearts. We also miss the pseudo-Italian rustic decor and the awesome people watching accompanying a meal on the restaurant’s “patio”.

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