Malton based pasta company aligned with Best Entrepreneur award

MALTON has been recognized as one of the best companies after being selected as a finalist in the Great British Entrepreneur Awards.

Catherine Pompey launched Yorkshire Pasta in May 2020, after the country went into its first Covid lockdown.

Catherine and her husband Tom went to Italy last year to learn how to make traditional and authentic pasta from artisan Italian families.

She said: “I have used my flour experience from projects at Nestlé for KITKAT chips, Breakaways and Lion Bars.

“One of my previous jobs was a ‘wafer platform master’ so I knew my thing when it came to flour.”

Catherine knew she wanted to use British flour, and when she discovered that the traditional wheat used for pasta – durum wheat (semolina flour) – had not been grown in the UK due to the wrong climate, low yield and lack of value for farmers, she looked for an alternative. It uses a mixture of locally milled wheat.

“I was very methodical in experimenting with recipes, getting the proportions of flour and water and mixing just right over time – all in my garage to begin with. We use traditional bronze molds which give the pasta a rough surface that absorbs the sauce, sticks to the pasta and eats beautifully.”

“We gently dry our pasta overnight to allow it to develop a deep healthy flavor – bulk-processed pasta arrives as flour and leaves the factory two hours later in a plastic bag. We take two days and pack everything in paper, which is 100 percent recyclable.”

Production also runs on solar energy at the plant in West Heslerton, near Malton. The result is an authentic taste with perfect texture, when cooked perhaps less than the guide on the package, which is more suited to British tastes, rather than Italian flavour.”

Their products are vegan and can be found in over 450 farms, delis and independents stores across the UK as well as Harvey Nichols and Selfridges.

Catherine is one of selected business leaders from across the country who were chosen from over 5,300 participants – the most awards she has ever received.

Catherine, who previously worked in project management at the research and development center at the Nestlé confectionery company in York, said: “Receiving this award is overwhelming.

“We are a small family business, a team of three, we love making our own artisanal pasta here in Malton and knowing that families across the UK are sitting at round dinner tables enjoying pasta together makes me feel special.

“The past two years have really been a whirlwind for us and British Basta – this is another moment I’m very proud of for us.”

The Great British Entrepreneur Awards, in partnership with Starling Bank, honor and endorse the hard work and cutting-edge stories of business owners across the UK, focusing on their journey and resilience over financial achievement.

The winners will be announced in a grand final in London on November 21.

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