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If you’ve ever eaten at Mario’s Maples Supper Club in Peru, you’ve likely had dinner from the buffet and someone else picked up the tab as a way of saying, “Thank you for coming.”

But did you order a meal from the regular restaurant menu? Heck, did you even know they have a list?

Well, they do. This stronghold in the Peruvian dining scene features American-style dishes including steak, seafood, chicken, and ribs, as well as Italian fare like veal, chicken piccata or Parmesan. And prime rib is one of his famous specials.

The fact that the supper club is known first and foremost as a group destination, especially for funeral luncheons, is not a criticism. With spacious dining rooms that can accommodate a variety of gatherings between family and friends, a well-separated bar area, crowd-pleasing buffet, and attractively appointed neutral décor, Mario’s Maples Supper Club has earned a reputation as an easy-to-go venue for short-notice events.

The buffet features fried chicken, pasta, and a carving station among its many offerings.

As the buffet is known and highly regarded, the dinner menu is not – but it should be.

I ordered grilled shrimp, my dining companion picked from the specials menu, and he chose eggplant parmesan.

Salad and soup bar are available as accompaniments for appetizers. The service was impeccable.

Cash preferred, Mystery Diner was advised a small extra percentage to use a major credit card.

Indoor and outdoor dining is available, with shuttle service available.

Mario’s Maples Supper Club is located at 1401 Shooting Park Road in Peru, west of Route 251. Reservations are not necessary unless you book a private party or group lunch by calling 815-223-1938.

Feel like a bit of fine dining? The supper club destination has a full-service menu worthy of a night on the town.

  • The Mystery Diner is an employee of Shaw Media. The identity of the dinner was not revealed to the restaurant staff before or during the meal. Mystery Diner visits a different restaurant and then reports on the experience. If a Mystery Diner cannot recommend the facility, we will not post a review.

if you go

what or what: Mario Maple Dinner Club

where: 1401 Shooting Park Road, Peru

phone: 815-223-1938


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