MasterChef Australia 2022: Billie McKay declared winner

The MasterChef winner was revealed after one of the contestants’ plate suffered a fatal flaw that nearly blew their chances. Warning: spoilers.

Warning: MasterChef spoilers below.

winner in chef Season 14 was revealed in a stunning finale finale Tuesday night, as two returning players competed head-to-head for the $250,000 prize money.

Victorian chef Sarah Todd, who ranked ninth in the sixth season of chef, It was against the seventh series winner Billy McKay.

And in the end, Billy came out victorious – beating Sarah by just two points, after stumbling early with the first challenge of the night.

Makes Billy the first person to win Australia chef Twice – and her win came on the same night she had a strikingly similar result at the Australian season finale Big brother.

The epilogue took place in two rounds: In the first round, Billy and Sarah had the luxury of choosing between a mysterious box, a brief they had to cook or a encounter with one or two random ingredients that had to appear on their plate.

Both chose the brief: to cook a dish that was sweet and savory.

Sarah made sticky chicken wings with glaze – select judge Jock Zonvrillo called a grand finale “too brave.”

He told her, “What I did made them a luxury.”

Andy Allen agreed, telling Sarah she would “do it,” while Melissa Leung was full of praise for her “very balanced plate of food.”

Bailey went next, and served her bowl of cumin panna cotta with rosemary and rhubarb. But Jock had his first criticism when he tried to direct it to the other judges: It wasn’t fully specified.

“I’m so disappointed for you,” Melissa said. “It’s the foundational aspect of this whole dish and it’s not set in stone—it’s really a hard-to-swallow pill.”

Andy said the dish was “delicious – but could be better with a batch of panna cotta.”

After judging, Bailey lamented her “big failure”, admitting that she was “in a very bad situation” as she entered the second round.

No surprises, Sarah well outperformed Billy in the first round, taking a total of 26 points to Billy’s 21.

The second and final round saw the judges introduce one of the biggest names in the food world, Heston Blumenthal, who gave Billy and Sarah five hours and 15 minutes to replicate his epic dish, the tart pie.

After several mishaps from both contestants during the setup process, it was time to face the judges.

Sarah went first – and Jock said her dish was as good as Heston’s. Melissa called it an “exceptional effort” – but Andy did point out some flaws that could open the door for Billy to catch up.

Bailey has received more positive feedback: Andy said her application was “on another level of subtlety and subtlety”.

“It’s all there, present and true,” Melissa said, marveling at how Billy had buoyed after her previous defeat. “My mind is blown.”

The judges awarded Sarah a total of 30 out of 40 points in the second round, bringing her score to 56. But Billy outperformed her thanks to Melissa’s perfect score, taking 37 to bring her score to 58.

Meanwhile, judge Melissa Leung told Confidential this week that she’s thrilled to see the show’s two best females again.

“It was a great story to see these strong women reassert their place in the food world,” she said.

“We are seeing the hospitality industry develop a lot and these women are inspiring future generations.”

Meanwhile, third-place rider Daniel Lample, a Northern Territory firefighter who was new to the show this season, said after his elimination on Monday that he was honored to be in the top three alongside two strong returning players.

“From my point of view, I looked at the other two, and they just don’t believe what they’re doing…I was a little terrified of them,” he told 10Play.

“I wasn’t disappointed that I didn’t make it because I accepted the fact that these two girls really deserved to be in the final.”

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