MasterChef Junior Season 8 Final Recap: Who Won?

The stakes were never higher in the season finale of “MasterCher Junior”. The two finalists compete for the best prizes so far: $100,000, brand-new kitchen gadgets and a trip to Las Vegas for dinner with… Gordon Ramsay in his restaurant. With their families and former contestants in the crowd cheering them on, Grayson And the ya Create a main course and dessert that represent themselves best. The chefs face two 60-minute challenges to prove they’re the MasterChef in the all-new season finale episode “Junior Edition: The Finale” that airs Thursday, June 23 (9:00-10:01 p.m. ET/PT) on Fox.

famous chef Aaron Sanchez and Emmy Award-winning talk show host Daphne Oz Gordon helped pick the Season 8 winner. Previous winners are Alexander WeissAnd the Logan GolfAnd the Nathan OdomAnd the Addison Usta SmithAnd the Jasmine StewartAnd the brown koyakala And the Che Sbiuta.

We see Aaron Sanchez on MasterChef Junior Season 8 and Gordon Ramsay Challenge in the Kitchen: ‘I Can Kick His Ass’

Below, read the minute-by-minute summary of “MasterChef Junior” from the final episode of Season 8, Episode 15, titled “Mini Edition: The End” to find out what happened on Thursday, June 23 at 9:00 PM EST/PT. Then be sure to talk in the comments section about your favorite young chefs on Fox’s reality TV show who you think should have been crowned champions this season.

We see Daphne Oz on joining Gordon Ramsay for MasterChef Junior

9:00 evening – Tonight Grayson And the ya Go head to head to see who will be crowned the Season 8 “MasterChef Junior” champion. The chefs will face two 60-minute challenges in front of an audience that includes their families and former contestants. Let’s go!

9:10 pm – Two finalists entered the kitchen while the crowd cheered them on. After summarizing each of their trips, Gordon explained that one entree and one dessert stood between them and the big prize. They’ll start with the appetizers, and put one portion for each of the three judges. 60 minutes starts now!

9:25 pm Grayson says his dish is a love letter to Austin, Texas, where he learned to love food. Leah says she uses traditional Chinese ingredients and her menu is inspired by her family and her Asian heritage. The judges praise how far each has progressed and how the sound of their rosters has developed. Venison is a tricky protein to work with, so choosing Grayson to use it could result in a worrisome win or error. Leah is a bit slow to put the duck in the pan, so I hope it takes enough time to cook it. At Grayson Station, a young cook can’t light his gun for potatoes, so he starts crying. Eventually his father talked him through and everything was going well. Finally, 60 minutes are up, appetizers are plated and it’s time for the first judgment of the night!

9:30 pm Grayson Togarashi Gaison Loin Served With Smoked Whipped Potatoes, Blackberry Gastric And Chichito Peppers. I only know about half of these ingredients. This child is unreal. Gordon says it appears to be one of the top five restaurants in Austin, Texas. Aaron says meat is a rare perfect medium. The venison is delicious and beautifully seasoned. Potatoes could be creamier, but it’s a really good dish. Daphne thinks Grayson nailed the smoky flavor and the sauces were well executed.

9:33 PM – Next, Liya serves marinated duck breast with green onion pancakes and Miso Eggplant. Meat is a rare wonderful medium for Aaron’s delight. Daphne loves a raised green onion pie. It’s deceptively simple, says Aaron, but it’s complicated. Gordon says the duck breast is absolute perfection and the pancakes are delicious.

9:45 pm These young chefs now have one hour to prepare the best desserts of their lives. The time starts now! Liya makes panna cotta, a dish that sent an adult contestant home to “MasterChef: Back to Win” last week. He’s ambitious and very impressive, but Gordon seems worried that he won’t be identified. Liya mentions that she will love that new fridge because her family doesn’t smell good in the house. This attracts laughter from the audience. Grayson seems confident to drink it. He says words that neither I nor Daphne understand. It is very scientific. Grayson’s mother looks a little worried, and whispers, “He still has a lot to do.”

9:47 PM Liya pulls her panna cotta out of the fridge and Gordon recalls, “It doesn’t look like it’s settled.” Liya does not agree and says he is fine. It is amazing to watch the dish of both these young chefs. They exceed any skill level I had at that age. Time’s up and now it’s time to see if Grayson or Liya have the best candy.

9:50 pm – Grayson serves him Texas Ruby Red Grapefruit Curd with financier pollen, fennel, and pea syrup. It includes the Texas State Fruit and Grayson loves to use science elements when cooking. Gordon says the fragrance is great and looks lovely. It is “very tasty” and “refreshing”. Daphne says the runaway hit was the financier, but the plate was a bit heavy with pollen. Aaron agrees it was heavy with pollen, but other than that it was pretty cool.

9:53 PM – Next, Liya whips up a Coconut Pandan Panna Cotta with Passion Fruit Coulis and Sesame Tuille. It looks incredible. Daphne states that his appearance “amazes” them and the quality of the restaurant. Gordon says it’s delicious. It looks simple, but it is rich and awakens the palate. Daphne calls it the most simple, but interesting and interesting dessert. “There is a constant search for treasure.” Aaron loves things that look simple yet really sophisticated and elegant. Based on these comments, Liya seems to have the dessert advantage, but I’m not sure who won the appetizers. This could be nail biting!

10:00 pm – It’s time to crown the champion. Grayson executed one of the toughest proteins and was rare average all the time. It browns when it comes to decorative items, but mashed potatoes can be whipped up a bit more. His dessert was more purifying than indulgent. The fennel was overwhelming. Liya’s menu was an amazing combination. Her entree wasn’t quite as catchy as Grayson’s, but it was delicious. Her candy left the judges’ jaws on the floor, but the twill didn’t work for Gordon. So who is the next MasterChef Junior? The winner is Liya! What an incredible ending. Congratulations to the young man from Scarsdale, New York!

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