‘MasterChef’ Season 12 Episode 7 Summary: Who Was Eliminated?

Season 12 of MasterChef is all about payback, when All-Star contestants from the past 11 seasons return to the show to see if they’ve learned from their past mistakes. For the first time ever, ‘MasterChef’ is reopening the door to some of the most talented and memorable chefs in competition history, including two ‘Junior Edition’ chefs who are now competing as adults! Gordon RamsayAnd the Aaron Sanchez And the Joe Bastianche Back as judges.

In this episode, Gordon shares his secret love of meatless and dairy-free dishes by showing off his famous beef Wellington-turned-vegan dish made with beets. He then challenges the contestants to create a first-class vegetarian dish, using their knowledge of flavors and techniques. “The All-New Gordon Ramsay Loves Vegans!” The episode “MasterChef” airs Wednesday, July 13 (8:00-9:01 p.m. ET/PT) on FOX. Follow along with Episode 7’s recap of “MasterChef” season below.

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20:00 – Previously on “MasterChef”! The Top 18 traveled to the US Coast Guard base in Los Angeles for the first team challenge. The chefs collaborated to prepare a delicious and hearty lunch for more than 100 brave women and men, but the captain of the red team Alejandro Valdivia He was caught trying to cook a steak that fell to the floor. The 40-year-old was brought back to Atlanta in 18th place after finishing fourth in the 11th season. Christian Green The winning blue team captain. But enough last week, let’s see who can convince Gordon tonight!

8:10 pm The 17 best chefs enter the MasterChef’s kitchen with their impunity installed. Gordon shocks the chefs with a vegan challenge. willy mike Sounds more anxious, but Gordon makes a show of Wellington’s famous vegetarian beef to put everyone else at ease. It’s a very nice cooking lesson. Chefs have 1 hour to prepare their own vegetarian dish. But first they head to MasterChef’s garden to pick out the freshest ingredients. The chef who makes the best dish will win the immunity pin. Whoever makes the worst dish tonight will be eliminated.

8:20 pmChile Flash He’s spent years living as a vegetarian and seems even more excited about the challenge. Amanda Saab She also looks relaxed, noting that her Lebanese heritage has prepared her for meals rich in vegetables. Fred Chang The dish is “ambitious” according to Joe, but if he can pull off that dish might pay off. He admits he didn’t get to 60 minutes earlier. Dara Yu And the Michael Silverstein looks calm, while Derek (Peltz) Fox He takes inspiration from Gordon’s dish and makes beet tartar.

8:30 pm Gordon seems worried about that Samantha Daily Potatoes don’t boil even with 30 minutes left. Aaron says lo Bowen Lee Turning out the dish the way he wanted it, would be a “blow of genius”. Samantha’s potatoes are finally done, but she has to sacrifice other elements of her dish in order to shape the potato pancakes in time. As Aaron wanders into the kitchen, he criticizes Shelley for using “easy to find” vegetables like green beans and peppers. Joe asked her if she had been intimidated, but she insisted she only wanted to use ingredients she was comfortable with. Shanica Patterson She seems to impress Gordon with everything she cooks, noting that she went vegan for three months after gaining 30 pounds from eating so much pasta! Gordon has been very impressed with Shanica, and I expect her to do well this season.

8:40 pm – With the time running out, Shelly realizes she’s never fried tofu. Yikes! Will she be able to recover? Can Samantha finish the potato pancakes? Time ran out and everyone seemed to have their plates cooked. Shelly looks very upset with herself and starts crying. The judges go around the kitchen and decide who will be in the top 3 and who will be in the bottom 3.

8:45 pm – The first chef in the top three is Derek with Beet Tartare with Smashed Avocado, Cashew Garlic Aioli and Sesame Crostini. Gordon calls it “glamorous” and “everything we want on a plate.” The beet root is delicious, but a touch of chili would have made it perfect. Aaron was impressed by his marriage to beets and avocados. Joe says he is a “crowd pleaser”, a “money maker” and a “winner”. The second dish they want to try is Amanda’s falafel on homemade pita with pickled radish, tomato salad, and creamy tahini sauce. Aaron calls it “whatever falafel should be.” Gordon loves pickled radishes and crunchy falafel. It is the street food that lives up to the quality of the restaurant. The final vegetarian dish in the Top 3 is Bowen’s Tofu Scallops with Chinese Cabbage, Mango & Coconut Risotto, and Curry Sauce. Joe says it looks “attractive” and “intricate.” Gordon says the tofu is exceptional, but it doesn’t need the risotto. Aaron thinks it’s elegant and Bowen’s creativity has “restored” him.

8:50 – The chef who made the best dish of the night and won this week’s immunity pin is Amanda! You will now be safe from disqualification next week.

8:58 pm – The first cook in Bottom 3 is Chili with Tofu Curry with Vegetable Sour Cream and Roti made with Scratch. Gordon says she looks “naked”. Nowhere near enough vegetables to make a lovely vegetarian curry. Aaron says he can tell this is emotional for Shelly, but he needs more veggies. It’s an “unfinished dish,” says Joe. Next up is Samantha with potato cake stuffed with mushroom filling and vegan sour cream. It’s “quite simple,” Gordon says. Aaron says it tastes like something you’d get in the frozen section of the grocery store. The last chef in danger of being disqualified is Farid and Tofu Gnudi with Mapo Sauce, grilled vegetables, and Tofu cream. Gordon says he glares like an artist, but tonight it looks like he was blindfolded. The salt explodes. Aaron is totally let down, but he loves the eggplant. Joe says the idea of ​​the dish is good, but his style let him down.

8:59 pm Judges take a few moments to deliberate. The chef who’s coming home tonight in 17th is… Samantha. The 23-year-old from Des Moines, Iowa finished fourth in season nine. This is a summary for this week!

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