MasterChef takes on a vegan challenge at Gordon Ramsay Loves Vegans

If there’s one thing we know about Gordon Ramsay, it’s that he’s not a vegan chef and frankly, he doesn’t care much about the world’s meatless dishes. But in MasterChef: Back to Win, that might change in “Gordon Ramsay Loves Vegans.” why? Because the returning MasterChef contestants are about to take on a vegan challenge as Ramsay himself has revealed his love for seemingly plant-based foods!

In this seventh episode of MasterChef, there are only 17 chefs left and this time it’s all about preparing completely meat-free dishes. And with a garden full of vegetables and fruits to choose from, it’s about to be an amazing challenge.

But first, it’s Gordon Ramsay’s turn to take his Beef Wellington beef and turn it into the Wellington House! (Mind blown!)

Now it’s the contestants’ turn to make their own vegetarian dishes in just an hour.

MasterChef Takes on an All-Vegetarian Challenge in “Gordon Ramsay Loves Vegans”

So what dishes caught our eye as the judges roamed the kitchen?

Dara’s Jackfruit Peking Duck Taco was definitely something like the dish we were digging into. Then there was Derrick’s Beet Tartare, which was an interesting take on the classic Beef Tartare (we also had our go-to with avocado). Then we had Samantha with a stuffed potato pancake, which was stuffed with mushrooms.

Basically, these three dishes caught our attention immediately. And they were definitely the chefs we were hoping to make in the top three based on how tasty their dishes tasted.

So who made the top three in the kitchen according to the judges?

Turns out we weren’t wrong to have our eyes on Derek as Beet Tartare made him base on a smashed avocado in the top three! Next was Amanda with falafel on a homemade pita. Finally, the third dish of the night came from Bowen with tofu scallops that looked like a real oyster dish.

But which chef won tonight and got the immunity pin? The winner of Master Chef’s first vegan challenge was Amanda with her amazing falafel platter.

And of course, that also means we have three bottoms. So who ended up suffering with their vegan dishes?

At first there was chile and its tofu curry. The next chef called was Samantha (we were sad to see this) with a stuffed potato pancake. Finally, there was Fred with Tofu Gnudi.

And while we’d hate to see anyone come home, the chef who was eventually ousted ended up with Samantha.

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