McDonald’s brands around the world

McDonald’s – yum! It’s a classic fast food restaurant that serves burgers, chicken, and what else? I think everything. McDonald’s in the United States is famous, but its menu is very boring. It’s the same kind of beef and chicken patties.

However, I was researching other countries and what is offered on their McDonald’s menus, and suddenly, McDonald’s looked like a Disneyland food court! So many fun flavors from different cuisines are combined, it’s hard not to be jealous when you compare our filet mignon to the takeout menu items.

Below is a list of McDonald’s menu items found worldwide.

Taro Bay – China

Taro is a delicious flavor of yam that is popular in Southeast and East Asian countries. It has a delicious aromatic taste that is hard to describe if you haven’t tried it. Although we’re familiar with apple pies appearing every fall, McDonald’s Chinese carry this lavender-filled pie all year long. The texture of the filling is similar to mashed potatoes, but you’ll get a sugary flavor instead of a savory one. Reviews indicate that taro pie is less sweet than apple pie.

Maharaja Mac – India

The entire McDonald’s menu in India sounds delicious, but the Maharaja Mac just stood out to me! It’s the equivalent of a Big Mac, but it uses chicken instead of beef patties due to less beef consumption. Two pieces of chicken sandwiched between three buns dipped in delicious habanero sauce and other traditional burger toppings.

Putin – Canada

McDonald’s fries are my favorite on the menu. Canadians decided to raise the bar for these delicious French fries by turning them into their nation’s favorite dish: poutine. It’s made in the same way as traditional poutine, with French fries topped with cheese curds and a rich broth. Honestly, if I were in Canada I probably wouldn’t go to McDonald’s to get a poutine since I could go to a real poutine joint. It’s still interesting that they included it on the list, though!

Toblerone McFlurry – Scandinavia

This McFlurry is present in many Scandinavian countries such as Denmark and Switzerland. As much as I love the classic Oreo McFlurry, imagine getting the sweet, chilled flavor of McFlurry with Toblerone’s luxury chocolate bars? The dessert looks so decadent, looking at the chocolate-filled swirl makes me want to get on a plane to Sweden just to get a taste!

Grakuru Burger – Japan

The Japanese McDonald’s menu as a whole is my favourite, but the Gracco Burger piqued my interest. It consists of fried croquettes in the shape of a burger patty, which consists of a mixture of shrimp, pasta and a delicious cream sauce. This burger is a seasonal menu item and returns to the Japanese menu once a year with a mix of different flavours, making the whole experience even more enjoyable! For example, in 2021, the Gracoro Burger is back with bolognese sauce!

McDow Chicken with Mix Spaghetti – Filipino

Similar to Jollibee’s spaghetti, this McDonald’s pasta is sweet! Filipino spaghetti is sweeter with a banana and ketchup base, so McDonald’s has adapted this dish to the local taste buds. Crispy chicken seems to complement sweet pasta really well – especially if you like a sweet and savory combination!

Mango McFlurry – Malaysia

Despite another McFlurry flavor, how can I resist adding this to the list? Anything with a mango flavor is really impressive – but imagine a fancy McFlurry filled with mango custard! I’m a bit skeptical since McFlurry has Oreo chunks in it, but it makes me want to try it even more! I bet McDonald’s wanted to take advantage of all the wonderful tropical fruits they had, since they also have other mango desserts like soft serve and hot fudge sundae on the menu.

This is only a small percentage of all the interesting McDonald’s menu items around the world. There are an infinite number of dishes due to the diversity of our world, and I think it’s great how one fast food chain has adapted to so many different tasting palettes!

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