McDonald’s restaurants in Springfield have a new owner, get a new look

Improvements are being made to the front counter service areas of many of the Springfield McDonald’s recently purchased by Brad Davis.

Renovations began this week for the fast food outlets at 522 W. Jefferson St. and 3208 Clear Lake Ave. With similar work planned at 861 Toronto Road later this month. Estimated price is $35,000 per site, depending on building permits submitted for the projects.

Davis said work will focus on reconfiguring the space behind the counter to improve operational efficiency.

He said, “We’re getting rid of the counters a bit to redesign the front counter area on the staff side to help make things more efficient, as well as upgrades to some of the finishes.”

The goal, Davis said, is to complete the work with minimal disruption to the dining service; However, restaurants may be limited to car transportation for a short period of time.

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