McDonald’s Secret Menu moves to the regular menu

Lots of fast food chains have a secret menu but some are more secret than others.

Starbucks, for example, has a lot of secret menu items that are becoming popular and some have moved on to the regular menu. This type of secret list has its pros and cons for a chain.

On the plus side, having a famous “secret” makes people feel like they’re part of something special, but not so special that they won’t share it with others. But, there are downsides when the item is not already in the list. This can lead to inconsistencies when it comes to recipes and how things are made.

Secret Lists use items the chain actually needs to make something new. This can actually lead to customers creating new items and combinations that make their way to the regular menu. This is something McDonald’s has embraced.

The fast food giant added a number of previously secret menu/hack items to its menu in January, and it has plans for more this summer.

Image source: McDonald’s

McDonald’s embraces the list of hacks

Menu hacks are items that customers order together to build something fundamentally new. This at McDonald’s includes a few great sandwiches:

  • Surf + Turf (a sandwich with both Filet-O-Fish and Cheeseburger pancakes),
  • Hash Brown McMuffin (Egg McMuffin with hash browns between egg and sausage)
  • Double crunchy (chicken nuggets on top of a burger).
  • Land, Air, and Sea (Mac Chicken, Big Mac, and Filet-o-Fish stacked on top of each other.

It’s a rather nice strategy to put these on the list (albeit for a limited time) because the chain already has all the ingredients. Yes, you add a little kitchen complexity and possibly create some packaging problems, but you mostly tend to what your customers are already doing.

Now, the chain has plans to embrace some of its most secretive/pirated menu items as part of a major summer promotion.

What is McDonald’s doing this summer?

McDonald’s is planning a 27-day promotion called “Camp McDonald’s”. In addition to food shows, the chain is planning a summer concert series.

“Every Sunday, we give you front row seats to exclusive virtual concerts by great musicians, including BIBI, Omar Apollo, Black Bear and Kid Cudi,” the company shared in a press release.

Golden Arches will also be releasing some special merchandise including some celebrity collaborations and the return of an old friend from McDonaldland.

Get ready to camp with limited-edition co-op merchandise, and order every Thursday starting with Free & Easy, followed by Ma®Kate, Innisfree, and Kid Cody. even better? Your purple best friend welcomes you to camp on Opening Day, July 5, with a Retro Grimace-style pool float while supplies run out. “

But most importantly, McDonald’s will add its list of hacks/secret menu items to its actual list.

“And with the weather warming, we’re doing deals for two menus with peak summer — the McFurry apple pie and the McFlurry sandwich — fans can build themselves,” the company said.

McFlurry Sandwich is created by taking frozen candy and placing it between two chocolate chips. An Apple Pie McFlurry is literally a McDonald’s apple pie mixed into a McFlurry (which sounds like extra stress on an often-broken McFlurry machine).

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This story was originally published June 30, 2022 10:34 am.

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