Meet a hot tongue, the new Silver Lake Veget Strip Pizza Mall

A new vegan pizzeria called Hot Tongue has opened for business at the northeast end of Silver Lake, right on Glendale Boulevard near Fletcher Drive in this busy lane near Whole Foods, Astro Diner, and Modern Eats. Three-week-old Hot Tongue Pizza is made with vegan cheese and naturally fermented organic dough, all made in-house.

Hot Tongue owner Alex Koons is a former musician who came to Los Angeles to pursue his dreams before reshaping his plans while working as a delivery driver at Purgatory Pizza. Koons became a manager and eventually a partner in the store, developing an obsession with pizza dough along the way. As it turns out, Koons had a knack for making good-crust, airy, thin-crust pizza, and wanted to expand deeper into vegan pizza beyond what Purgatory had already offered. Note: Hot Tongue is also the name of the former band Koons, a nod to the hot tongue sandwich from Langer’s Deli.

There’s more than just a thin crust in Hot Tongue, too. Detroit’s pie is gluten-free, while the thicker Sicilian crust from Hot Tongue takes three days to prepare; The latter is topped with garlic, marinara sauce, pesto drizzle, ricotta almonds, and fresh basil. Diners can also order the garlic knot and coleslaw with bacon and shiitake mushrooms, while a variety of thin-crust can be customized beyond the standard margarita. The White Hot Tongue Pie starts with a garlic olive oil base and adds ricotta almonds, caramelized onions, mushrooms, oregano, and almond parmesan, all on top of a bagel crust. And in a move that will prove popular, these vegan pancakes come with the slice, too.

Koons originally signed a lease for Hot Tongue in mid-2020, but COVID-19 navigating, trusted contractors, inspectors, and business building in general delayed opening until February 18. ’80s, rock-and-roll-inspired lettering that glows like a beacon at night, with surreal modern artwork fitting the space by local artist Delaido. For now, Hot Tongue has chosen to avoid third-party delivery apps, so employees serve pizza within a five-mile radius.

Koons hopes Hot Tongue will have appeals beyond the vegan community. “I don’t want to be known for something because it’s vegan,” he says, “I just want people to enjoy a slice as much as they do with dairy or meat on one piece and not say ‘this isn’t an ordinary pizza.’ It’s 100 percent, has a different kind of balance.”

Spicy tongue pizzaOpening hours are 11 a.m.-9 p.m. daily at the storefront at 2590 Glendale Boulevard.

Pizza from Hot Tongue

Parking sign for hot tongue pizza in Silver Lake, California

Hot Blowjob Parking Sign

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