Meet a Tower Bridge Dinner Chef

Johnnie’s Jams featuring director Jonathan Merris with Bosco and BuddyIn this edition of Johnnie’s Jams, it’s National Bring Your Dog to Work Day, and director Jonathan Merris from Producer Ally’s Dogs: Bosco and Buddy helps. “Samples Songs” is the topic, and do you know these JAMs?

Question of the Day / Friday Dance Party – 6/24We wrap up the work week with today’s question from today’s lonely Cody Stark! Hey Cody is going on vacation next week, how are you going to celebrate? Everyone answers, and then we dance our way into the weekend!

wiki who? – 6/24John is here with Friday’s edition of Wiki Who? Pulls nuggets of trivia from Wikipedia pages for the stars! Today, there’s another “sexy celebrity” edition with Timothee Chalamet, Miles Teller and Jack Harlow! Play with us!

“Masters of Illusion” – Murray Suchak joins us!Another exciting episode of “Masters of Illusion” airs this weekend on The CW! Magician Murray Seechuck joins Cody and John to talk about the show, and as always, do a little magic for us!

Johnnie’s Jams with director Jonathan MerrisIt’s National Day Bring your dog to work day and director Jonathan Merris borrowed producer Ally’s lil pup! Meet Bosco! It helps show Jams: songs or artists that contain the word “Dog”! Do you know these nannies?

Comedian Garg visited us join us!Comedian Zarna Garg is best known for her hit shows, “My American Dream” and “Sari, Not Sorry”, and is currently performing for a completely sold out audience across the country! She’ll be in our neighborhood soon, and join Cody and John to talk about her show!

Drone football at Modesto Junior College!We head back to Modesto Junior College to check out some of the drone football the kids who go camping there play, and John and Cody give it a solid British experience in commentary!

Good Day Returns – 6/24If you thought you missed a funny moment during today’s show, here’s where you can find it! It’s a good rewind day!

California joins Oregon and Washington in their commitment to reproductive freedomThe governors revealed a multi-state commitment to building a “West Coast crime” to protect reproductive rights.

framing methodAre you looking to frame important photos or other items? Julissa Ortiz at Method Framing shows us her expertise in framing photos and paintings.

Meet a Tower Bridge Dinner ChefAshley Williams is at Revival at the Sawyer serving up the Executive Chef who will be the chef of Tower Bridge Dinner. He gives us an overview of what he might do for this big event!

Youth Fire AcademyLaurie Wallace in West Sacramento gives us a sneak peek at Youth Fire Academy. Watch how kids can start getting a job in firefighting.

The last day of… deceptionSadly, John only has one pair of new, unwashed underwear left to try on, so it’s the last day of our week-long TV event, The Shivviness Test. You’ll miss it when it’s over, but you’ll always have this week’s videos to cherish forever. Just enjoy it again.

Drone Football Camp – ModestoModesto Junior College is the first location in California where Drone Soccer is played! They offer camps where kids can build their own drones, then take them to the arena to compete! MJC’s Brian Sanders joins Cody to tell us more!

Meal Preparation Class – Living Well With KikiMeal prep can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be! Not only can it be fun and useful on your feeding journey, it’s cost-effective! Ashley Williams with nutritionist Kiki Magnuson (“Live the Good Life with Kiki”), breaks down meal prep and teaches you how you can join Kiki’s online classes!

Placer County Fair – RosevilleLaurie Wallace is in Roseville at the Placer County Fair, and she gets a round with a golf cart halfway!

Supreme Court hits Roe v. Wade on seismic shift in abortion rightsThe Supreme Court on Friday overturned its landmark decision in Roe v. Wade that established the right to abortion.

Coach USA Hires – Julissa at the wheel!Coach USA is hiring bus drivers and mechanics! Julissa is behind the wheel and getting a little training!

bus rental eventare you looking for a job? Julissa Ortiz has your ticket to becoming a bus driver! Details here!

Placer County FairLaurie Wallace is at the Placer County Fair and she gives us a sneak peek at what you can see! Check out the animals and food you can devour at the Placer County Fair!

Living well with KikiAshley Williams with Kiki the Nutritionist gives us great meal prep tips! See how these tips can help you eat healthy!

Bring your dog to work day!Looks like Buddy is on top of the show!

Joke of the day dadCheck out today’s dad joke of the day and wait for it… features Buddy and Bosco!

Bring your dog to work day!Meet Bosco and Buddy! It’s National Day to Bring Your Dog to Work and they’re here enjoying the show!

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