MeliBio Bee-Free Honey is now available for a limited-edition summer menu in San Francisco at BAIA’s upscale restaurant

MeliBio, the world’s first company focused on making real honey without bees, is partnering with San Francisco-based BAIA for an exciting new summer menu. The upscale restaurant will showcase award-winning bee-free honey in two exclusive items on the summer menu, entrées bruschetta and dessert panna cotta. BAIA guests will have the opportunity to be among the first in the world to sample MeliBio bee-free honey from July to September 2022.

The product provides a unique opportunity for culinary innovators, such as BAIA Executive Chef Joshua Yap, who first gained fame for his work with vegan cooking giant Matthew Kinney in recent years. Chef Yap shared his enthusiasm about making the dish, saying, “Often while developing a new vegetarian dish I think, ‘I wish I could use honey.’ Unfortunately, many chefs struggle with standard industrial substitutes, such as agave, that are missing the distinctive flavor. And the distinctive nutrition of honey.” “Milipio is exactly what other chefs and I have been looking for. Not only is it real honey from plants, not bees, but it provides an ethical and sustainable choice for restaurants and consumers alike.”

The partnership comes on the heels of five-star culinary MeliBio’s debut at a world-renowned upscale restaurant, Eleven Madison Park, in New York. Featuring a five-course food and beverage menu, sustainability change-makers, innovators, and government leaders came together to closely celebrate United Nations World Bee Day, which falls on May 20, 2022. Guests of this exclusive event were delighted and amazed by Daniel Hamm and the unique culinary applications of the Eleven Madison Park team for the first time. Truly sustainable honey in the world.

MeliBio’s award-winning botanical honey provides a sustainable solution to the often-overlooked crisis facing the $10 billion commercial honey industry. The current global production of commercial honey poses a major threat to the biodiversity of native bees, which provide pollination for up to two-thirds of the world’s crops, and could cause a serious breakdown in the global food system. In addition, issues posed by climate change and the supply chain have caused fluctuations in production in recent years, creating opportunities for sustainable honey alternatives such as MeliBio.

MeliBio was founded in 2020 in Berkeley, California by scientist and amateur chef Aaron Schaller, Ph.D., and CEO of honey industry Darko Mandic. The company’s first product, a plant-based honey ingredient for B2B and food service, was revealed in October 2021 after a blind taste test to industry leaders revealed that honey was indistinguishable from standard honey, previously named TIME’s Best Inventions of 2021. MeliBio has developed a list Extensive waiting for interested partners, with over 40 letters of intent signed by international companies wishing to include bee-free honey in their lists and in their products.

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