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Teaching history

I finished reading the great May 9 article “How High School Students Saved Part of US History” and felt a little happier. While the concentration camp in Granada, Colorado, is a tragic stain on US history, the young men and women who invested their time and energy in preserving and documenting this place must be commended. As the writer notes, they were inspired by the idealist teacher John Hopper.

We lived in Pueblo, Colorado, for over a year, in the early 1990s, before Mr. Hopper arrived in Granada. I had no idea this “holy space” was just a short drive east of my house. Thankfully, Mr. Huber realized the historical significance of the Amash camp and decided to involve his students in its protection.

Please forgive me for bringing a bit of politics into the discussion. The Florida legislature recently passed the Individual Liberty Act, which prohibits teachers from providing instruction that is considered discriminatory by causing “distress” to a student. If we are not disturbed at times by US history, including the treatment of Japanese Americans during World War II, America is likely to repeat these mistakes in the future.

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