Mexican restaurant and restaurant Tequila Bar D Boca N Boca opens June 17 in Summerhill, Atlanta

After nearly three years of delays due to construction and permits, the Mexican restaurant and tequila bar D Boca N Boca finally opened on Friday, June 17.

The opening date of the Georgia Avenue restaurant has changed several times in the past two months, much to the frustration of chef and owner Helio Bernal. But when asked if the opening date at Summerhill was fixed this time around, the response was a tough “yes”.

D Boca N Boca turns Bernal’s tall pop-up Real Mexican Vittles into his dream restaurant, sharing his family’s legacy in Veracruz on the Gulf Coast of Mexico and in the Yucatan through food. Family recipes are the inspiration for many of the dishes at D Boca N Boca.

Herbie guacamole with pomegranate seeds and blistered betas.
hospitality of fate

Ensalada de Cardoba: Salad with red peppers, huitlacoche, and escamoles at D Boca N Boca in Atlanta.

Ensalada de Cardoba: Salad with red peppers, huitlacoche, and escamoles.
hospitality of fate

Other dishes are pulled from places like Mexico City, with their famous street tacos, or polo asado, ceviche, and aquachille from Sinaloa and Monterrey. There is also huachinango (roasted red Veracruz-style snapper) on the menu and huitlacoche (roasted corn), often referred to as Mexican truffle.

One dish even mentions Atlanta legend, Braves baseball player Hank Aaron, who hit his 715th career run down the street at Fulton County Stadium, now a parking lot, which includes a landmark that records Aaron’s record-breaking achievements in 1974. Aaron is memorialized on the menu at D Boca N Boca as well, with Hammerin’ Hank Chop – a spiced steak described as “legendary cuts of meat” served with sauce and vegetables.

Hamrin Hank Chop

Hamrin Hank Chop.
hospitality of fate

The bar at D Boca N Boca carries both local and Mexican beers, along with tequila and mezcal to make margaritas, palomas, and original cocktails. Mezcal and Tequila tours are also available.

For now, Bernal plans to keep the narrow menu at D Boca N Boca focused on drinks in the late afternoon and snacks and dinners in the evening. Lunch and weekend brunch should follow in the coming weeks.

Take a look at the list:

D Boca N Boca joins the many restaurants and bars now open along Georgia Street in what has become the bustling dining neighborhood of Summerhill, including Little Bear; fried chicken store How Crispy Express; Halfway Crocs Beer. Big Softie Ice Cream Shop; Hot Dog Bites and Wood’s Chapel BBQ.

Chef Duane Nutter and restaurateur Reggie Washington will open Southern National across the street from Little Bear later this year. Chef Richard Tang (Girl Diver, Char Korean) also plans to open the Press Start game bar along Georgia Street in 2022.

39 Georgia Street, Atlanta. Temporary opening hours: Tue-Sun 3pm-11pm Patio seating available with fire pits.

668 Highland Avenue Northeast, GA 30312
(404) 781-0931

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