Mister Donut Launches First S’pore Popup to Long Qs: Are Donuts Worth This Crazy?

Photo: Yip Jing

Long queue when it opens

Even before the booth officially opened yesterday (July 15) at 11am, there was already a long queue running around the food street. The wait time to get to the order counter was over three hours.

Photo: Byron Tan

About 3,300 donuts are available daily, with four chefs making them in the kitchen of Gokuku Japanese Bakery. When 8 days. sg Dropped by the pop-up, we also saw Japanese speaking Mister Donut staff stationed at the kiosk.

Photo: Yip Jing

Customers are initially limited to 30 pieces per person

Initially, Mr. Donut set each customer a maximum purchase of 30 donuts. We say it’s a very big number: people were ordering boxes and boxes of cake until there was practically nothing left for the people standing in line at the back. The store has since lowered the limit to 10 donuts per customer (and four Pon De Rings—the signature Mister Donut flavor).

Photo: Yip Jing

Sold out by 1pm

At around 1 p.m. on opening day, Jurong Point security guards began putting up barriers to prevent more people from queuing where cakes were sold. We noticed the irony of having both Dunkin’ Donuts and Krispy Kreme on the premises; These deserted, even though Mr. Donuts founder Harry Winokur used to work with Dunkin’ Donuts founder William Rosenberg because they were both brothers-in-law.

Photo: Yip Jing


About 16 donut flavors are offered in the pop-up, with prices ranging from $2.30 to $2.50 each. You can also get a mixed box of six for $13.50 and a box of 10 for $22. Among the 16 types, six distinct flavors are distinguished: Bon d’Ring Original ($2.30)And the Bon d’Range Strawberry ($2.50)And the Custard Cream ($2.50)And the french angel ($2.50)French cruller dipped in chocolate with whipped cream. Coconut Chocolate ($2.50) And the Honey Dip ($2.30).

Photo: Yip Jing

what do you get

Get this:

Bon d’Ring original: We find this classic the best of a lot. Instead of a traditional donut shape, the Pon De Ring is a circle of eight donut mochi balls connected together and covered in a layer of sugar. It’s fun to nibble on mochi balls one by one, and we can easily finish two or three of these in one sitting.

Custard cream: Fine, fluffy, sugar-coated powder Bombolini With a smooth, rich custard cream piping. Obtain JILACbut still interesting if you limit yourself to one.

French Angel: Mr. offers a beautiful boring donut French Cruller ($2.30) Which we don’t imagine, but this elaborate name Angel French is even better. The hard-bodied curler sparkles with a cloud of airy whipped cream and a chocolate coating that makes it more palatable (but don’t expect premium-grade cream and chocolate).

Honey dip: This is very very pretty but if you are a sweet tooth, this classic option is not bad. The usual granulated sugar coating is replaced with a sticky honey glaze that goes well with a steaming cup of tea.

skip this:

Bon d’Range Strawberry: The same Pon De Ring is dipped in a strawberry glaze and is very sweet and artificial in taste (comparable, for example, to strawberry Pocky made in Thailand). Not our favourite.

Coconut Chocolate: Although classified as a donut according to Mister Donut, it is more like a ring-shaped cake, with a dense texture and intense chocolate flavor with a bit of dried coconut and crunchy. If you are expecting a proper donut cake, this will be a disappointment.

In short, we might say these lovely cupcakes make a delightful tea time treat, but they’re not worth the three-hour wait. It tastes not much different from a regular Dunkin’ Donut (we find Krispy Kreme’s Original Glazed Donut to be more than delicious).

Mr. Donut Pop Up, #B1-49 Jurong Point Shopping Centre, S648886. Open daily from 11 am to 9 pm while stocks last. More updates via www.facebook.com/WAttentionPlaza

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