Morning Brief: Curbing Gang Violence with the Ball Possible End to Garbage Incinerators National Ice Cream Day

JGood morning LA It’s Friday, July 15th.

Do you know what I’ve been in the mood for lately? hop.

what do you say? Do I know how to encircle? Well, I got a trophy (it was an engagement trophy after completing a season…actually) when I was 10. And I used to play really casual pick games with my cousins ​​and my brother, but that’s all there is to it.

Let’s face it. I wouldn’t be anywhere close to my girls Leslie Leslie, Candice Parker, Sue Bird, Skylar Diggins Smith or Liz Campage, but I know how to do a little something on the court. There is no sense behind it either.

But there are some people in Pasadena who play with a purpose.

My amazing colleague Emily Elena Dugdale spent part of her beautiful, quiet life on Saturday afternoon watching a three-on-three basketball tournament at Robinson Park in northwest Pasadena. Why might you ask?

Pasadena gangsters are trying to reduce gang violence by playing ball with some of the young people in the community. Mark Sutton, one of the gang members I spoke to, said the whole event was a real accident. Everyone there was getting along with each other – whether they were in a gang or not.

This is a partnership effort from the city of Pasadena, but it was the gang entrants who offered it to city employees. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…interesting…so what is the responsibility of the intervenors and what is the city doing to support this effort?

Well, this anecdote in Emily’s article popped up for me:

Some respondents believe the city needs to do more to promote their work and support events such as the basketball tournament. Intervening Flavio Andrade stood at a hot dog and pulled out a city flyer announcing the event in small print.

“An ordinary gangster, my friend, wouldn’t see this,” said Andrade, who competed in a handball tournament earlier today with the same goal as the basketball competition.

Speaking of the Hoops Championship, he said, “I paid for the food. So where is the city in this?”

Emily told me that the interlopers not only brought the food, organized to have a DJ there, and also arranged the delivery of gift cards given to the players. The city allowed them to use the basketball court and provided them with some equipment.

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With all that said, I’m really glad everyone had such a good time playing ball. It appears to have been successful. This definitely won’t be the last tournament according to Emily’s article.

I may have to join them. I heard they were giving away $100 cash to the winners. They don’t know they might have (want to be) a female Steph Curry on these Los Angeles streets.

*starts practicing shooting three-pointers*

As always, stay happy and healthy, folks. There is more news at the bottom of the page.

What else do you need to know today

  • Since 1988, one Long Beach garbage incinerator burn most of the garbage From cities across Los Angeles County it is not recycled or sent to landfills. It was once seen as the solution to flooding landfills, but now, environmental activists who advocate for Zero-waste future and more recycling initiatives say their end has come.
  • California bill Set to become law by the end of summer Forcing people with serious mental health problems into care and housing. County officials and mental health advocates are Raise concerns about whether they have the resources to implement itand if the law’s primary premise – involuntary care – makes sense.
  • Most college students are enjoying their summer vacation back home now, but some are happy to stay on campus, thanks California organizations that provide scholarships and support For college students facing homelessness During summer and winter holidays.
  • There are 400,000 fewer homes in Los Angeles than is needed to meet current demand, According to a new study This exposes the seriousness The national housing crisis.
  • In California, it is illegal for a landlord to evict you without just cause by doing things like changing locks or shutting down water, and Prosecutor Rob Ponta is Urge to enforce the law Cross statement to protect tenants whose rights may have been violated.

Special thanks to Anandita Bhalerao, who helps us organize this news list every day!

Before you go…choice of the week

Ice Cream Alley returns to Smorgasburg LA on Sunday, just in time for National Ice Cream Day.

(Courtesy of Sad Girl Creamery)

Every Friday, I will present _____ Special of the Week. This week, we’re going to have an event to definitely attend this week and/or weekend. I will definitely need your help with this from time to time. If you know of any Los Angeles tonic event, restaurant, or bookstore, send me a message! Your PICK can appear in our newsletter.

The first pick of the week is an event. What you probably don’t know about me is that I’m an ice cream connoisseur – can you hear me (I love exploring new ice cream shops…which ice cream with cookies is my favourite)? Are you here with me? Did you know that Sunday is our real day? it’s a National Ice Cream Day!

This means it’s back Smorgasburg Alley Ice Cream. From July 17 to Labor Day weekend, you can check out 10 different ice cream/confectionery vendors at ROW DTLA. I am definitely going to this. You are?

Dear Bella Creamery and Norms restaurants also celebrate National Ice Cream Day on Sunday. Check out what’s going on here.

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