Music Producer Jermaine Dupree Expands His Atlanta Contributions

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Written by: Keana Ludin

Jermaine Dupree, a native of Atlanta, is known for his accomplishments as a music producer, songwriter, and all-round entrepreneur. Founder of So So Def Records, Jermaine has helped and worked with several music icons as well as producing the popular TV series The Rap Game in Atlanta.

With over 30 years in the field, Dupree’s accomplishments have continued to cultivate young talent and influence locals within his community.

“Being a famous artist made me want to make strong decisions and also made me think about how much of my life I didn’t take seriously.” Dupree said.

Dupre has written and produced songs for notable artists such as Kris Kross, Xscape, Mariah Carey, Usher, Monica and many more. Dupre, who has created musical genres in pop, hip-hop, and R&B, was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2018 along with a Grammy Award for Best R&B Song he received in 2005.

He has successfully built his brand on a digital app called Global 14, a website that bridges the gap between diverse groups that share personal interests and connects them with other brand advocates. Dupree’s accomplishments are marked on the site as well as So So Def’s 25th anniversary celebration.

Germaine Dupree is vegan

Along with his musical career, the artist has voiced his journey as a vegetarian and how it completely changed his life.

“I work all night and am in the studio most of the time, so I can’t really go to the gym. In order to be healthy and take care of my health, I started talking to the chefs and was told I had to go on a diet,” Dupree said. “Once I started eating healthy, I felt better.” As a vegetarian for more than a decade, he effortlessly began taking over the culinary industry by creating quality content for a plant-based lifestyle.

Dupri has managed to usher in a new chapter of sales called JD’s Vegan, an all-natural, dairy-free frozen dessert. Share his inspiration behind the creation of the vegan product.

“The inspiration comes from being a vegetarian and not having a great experience as one,” said Jermaine Dupre. “I hate going out to eat and not being able to eat dessert the way your friends can have dessert.”

JD’s Vegan consists of flavors like Welcome to Atlanta, Peach Cobbler, Apple Butter, Strawberry Sweetheart, Chocolate My Way, Key Lime Pie, and (404) Cookies & Cream. When Dupre was asked about the names’ overall significance, he didn’t hesitate to answer. “I wanted it to be creative and fun, so I decided to incorporate my life into a pint of ice cream. Each flavor is named after my most hit songs,” said Dupree. JD’s Vegan is now available at Walmart locations and retails online for less than $30.

Long list of achievements in Atlanta

Atlanta praised Dupree for his accomplishments as they honored him as a keynote speaker at the Art Institute of Atlanta’s commencement ceremony on June 17.

He also received an Honorary Doctorate of Liberal Arts degree. According to the institute’s webpage, Dupree’s achievements and contributions to the music industry are directly aligned with the foundation’s mission.

Jermaine Dupree mentions what it means to him to admit about Juneteenth. “I am really excited about it. This is something I thought I would never do. It feels even more amazing to be at this time because this is a historical black moment and it is considered educational,” Dupree said. “As a young kid growing up in Atlanta, Juneteenth wasn’t really talked about, so this is new to me.”

Kiana Lowden is a student at Georgia State University.

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