Napping toddler refuses to let mum take a sandwich in hilarious TikTok

This TikTok mom shared the funniest video of her little one napping and she refuses to give up a sandwich, even though he’s asleep!

Eri Munro (@eirimunro) is a mom and TikToker shares adorable videos of her little son, George. George is a cute and sometimes clumsy kid who enjoys singing with his mom and taking his stuffed animals for walks. George just happens to take mealtime very seriously. In a funny video, Eri shared the moment George fell asleep holding a sandwich, but didn’t let his mom take it away, despite the fact that he was falling asleep!

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The video begins with a shot of a young child lying on the sofa and quickly falling asleep. He wears a shirt and a jean jacket, his legs covered with a fur blanket. In his left hand, he holds a half-eaten sandwich.

In an attempt to save her sofa from the crumbs, Eri reaches out to remove the sandwich from the child’s hand. She puts her hand on the baby’s chest and pulls on his jacket, pulling him a little closer to her. The sleeping little baby does not move while his mother moves him.

But then Eri reaches out and grabs the sandwich, trying to pull it out of George’s hand. Without opening his eyes, the child pulled his arm away, and murmured, “No.” Then he goes back to sleep right away.

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Eri’s hand reaches out and begins to pluck a few crumbs of bread from the child’s shirt. Then she made a second attempt to take the sandwich away. Again, the child pulls his hand back and says “No.”

He looks at his mother while he is sleeping. The little boy obviously wants to protect the sandwich but is having trouble staying awake. “I have to stay up to protect the sandwich,” Airy wrote in a comment.

A moment later, George’s eyes closed, and Erie tried again. This time, I was able to remove the sandwich from George’s hands. But at the last second, George reached out and took the sandwich away from his mother. The video ends with George saying again, “No.”

Viewers couldn’t get enough sleepy food!

“He’s rehearsing the day he sleeps with the TV remote,” one viewer joked.

Another viewer commented: “This is Joey Tribbiani when he was a kid.”

“George is so rude in his sleep!” TikToker wrote another.

George definitely loves a sandwich!

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The little boy after Napping refuses to let his mom take a sandwich in the hilarious TikTok that first appeared on In The Know.

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