Nashville Dining in 2022: The Fresh Pasta Favorite

We have been amazed by the continued growth of our city and the abundance of new entrants to our dining scene. Moreover, we have been amazed by the indomitable spirit of our long-time chefs and restaurants who have engaged, innovated and adapted so that they can continue to serve us delicious food and drink. For this year’s Restaurant Edition, there are no best solutions. For anyone who is still in business and doing the work, this is the best in and of itself. solidity!

We’ve looked back over the past year or two and rounded up some of our favorites, including fresh pasta.


Bucatini all’Amatriciana

Nashville is so fortunate to have Tony and Kathy Mantuano, the talented duo who direct the Italian Food and Wine Program at Yulan. While many of the restaurant’s dishes showcase the chef’s award-winning creativity, Tony follows a particularly disciplined path when preparing the classics. The flawless Bucatini Almatriciana; Thin, hollow pasta tubes provide that just-right bite of a potent blend of tomatoes, pecorino romano, and basil. (403 4th Ave. S., 615-231-0405;

Rolf and girls

Rigatoni, heritage pork ragu, tomato, sarvecchio

When Phil Krajeck RaD opened inside the faux-bones in Germantown boiler room, diners quickly flocked to the restaurant’s modern, refined rustic vibe. Cravings for unparalleled pasta have led the way. Whether it’s served with garganelli verde or rigatoni, people always give its heritage pork ragu a shout out. And for good reason: It’s absolutely delicious and, thankfully for us, is a mainstay on the menu. (700 Taylor Street, 615-866-9897;

Colacino Italian Restaurant + Bar

Tonnarelli Cacio e Pepe

Inside Chef Frank Polara’s open kitchen, you can see the imported extruder and the bronze molds used to make the handcrafted pasta – a visual nod to what’s to come. A wonderful and deceptively simple dish, Tonnarelli Cacio e Pepe is an always favourite. The signature square threads are pleated with pecorino and a shower of black pepper rivals it in Rome. (104 E. Main St., 615-435-3539;

Nikki charcoal has been launched

Spicy Gulf Shrimp Spaghetti

Without a doubt, Chef Tony Galzin has a masterful hand in making pizza, but don’t sleep on the pasta made from scratch. One course of a fork through strands of spaghetti laden with Aleppo-cooked Gulf shrimp will convince you with chili, garlic, white wine, and tomatoes, sprinkled with sour breadcrumbs. divine. (5026 Centennial Blvd., 615-678-4289;

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