Nespresso Iced Coffee Recipes 2022 by Alessandra Ambrosio

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A nice, tall cup of iced coffee is one of the best ways to stay cool during the summer, but we bet you’re probably sick of the same old-fashioned way you used to make or order your drink. That’s why we only recently used Brazilian model Alessandra Ambrosio to share with us how she puts her own spin on the popular beverage.

“Brazilians love coffee, and I make a fresh cup with a Nespresso machine every morning,” she says. Beautiful house. “My new favorite features are flavors that are close to my roots. It has lemon and mint leaves, and there’s also a coconut version. I put coffee all over the ice.”

Nespresso also suggests adding simple syrup or brown sugar for sweetness and your choice of milk to complete it all – find out exactly Recipes here. To continue the caravan, Ambrosio also reveals how she switches up her home’s decor during the summer, the necessities she provides as a mother of two, and a hotel she should stay at when it’s time for vacation. Get ready to take all the notes and shop around, especially since we’re home on Amazon Prime Day 2022 for this season.

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Delonghi espresso machine

“When I wake up, I go straight to my Nespresso because I love coffee,” she admits. “Being from Brazil, I love the taste of coffee and grew up smelling it every morning.”

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Soak and enjoy a cup of coffee

The good summer vibe is what inspired Ambrosio’s latest collaboration with Nespresso on coffee mugs. “Feeling comfortable, enjoying yourself, and taking time to breathe is what I want to remind people to do,” she says. Add a collection to your kitchen and let the great times roll each morning.

You probably haven’t thought of adding lemon to your iced cup of joe, but this Ambrosio-approved recipe—which you can find at the bottom of the page—won’t let you down.


Tropical coconut flavor on ice

next one? Consider coconut-flavored iced coffee, and if you’re lactose-intolerant (like me), pair it with a little coconut milk. Mix up the start of your day with this instant combo!


Contemporary ivory area rug

When it comes to its location, light colors like the rug here are what Ambrosio is all about during the warmer months. “Make everything a little lighter for the summer,” she recommends. “In winter, I’ll have more cashmere in my bedroom and darker sheets. The rugs are darker, but in summer I try to get in lighter colors and keep it fresher.”


Giant inflatable flamingo pool float

Of course, another summer is the staple And the Her children cannot live without pool floats. “I love the ones that look like flamingos and ducks, there are so many different types every summer,” she explains. “People come up with new ones, some tropical inspired and tie dyes, so it really depends. For my kids, the bigger they are, the better for them. I bought boats and cabanas, they love to play with floats.”

Ambrosio is also always on the go and her travel mug allows her to have caffeine at all times. Remember: “I take it everywhere with me as if I were going to work.” “When I take my kids to school and during rehearsals too. In Brazil we like coffee time instead of tea with cake in the middle of the afternoon.”


Portable charcoal grill

Once it’s time to get her family and friends together, the grill is a must-have for the star. “This is so I can have a Brazilian barbecue,” according to Ambrosio. “I think this is a must and I love lighting candles outdoors while grilling.”


Waldorf Astoria Maldives Ithafushi Island

Finally, another summertime must-have on her list is a reservation at the Waldorf Astoria Maldives. She reveals, “It’s crazy cool, it’s like heaven.” “The hotel is on an island. When I’m in California, I also like to go to Montague in Cabo. It’s a quick ride from the West Coast and I’ve been there with friends and the whole family, so I go anywhere when I’m in LA.”

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