New breakfast, sushi and Korean fried chicken restaurants open in Fort Worth – interesting chains to come

Drallas and Fort Worth are still among the fastest growing cities in America. To feed that doubling audience, a number of exciting (non-fast food) restaurant chains are planning to expand their reach around DFW soon. These are just some of the sub-restaurants that will soon populate the North Texas dining scene.

For those who live in and around Houston, The Toasted Yolk is a must-know breakfast and lunch spot. They seem to be everywhere you turn. The fast-growing Toasted Yolk has opened its first location in Tarrant County at 2820 Southlake Boulevard (about 20 miles outside of Fort Worth). The next stop is in Dallas County where Toasted Yolk plans six more new restaurants, stretching from North Dallas to Prosper (including Toasted Yolks in Carrollton, Plano, Frisco, and McKinney).

Toasted Yolk’s brunch menu has everything from salad bowls to pancake dishes. There are omelettes, crepes and eggs Benedict – which are called Arnold’s eggs in toasted yolk. However, churro-style buns may be everyone’s favourite.

Rotating Sushi Land in Fort Worth

Akari Revolving Sushi, with its original restaurant in Mansfield, acquired the closed 85°C bakery café in the Lift Bank development in Fort Worth over two years ago. Coming Soon has been bugging us every time we pass by and we didn’t see any progress at 628 Harrold Street.

Well, work is finally underway on the construction of the first revolving sushi bar in Fort Worth, which paper city Reports said Fort Worth is back in 2020.

The owners confirm that they expect Akarii Revolving Sushi to open in Fort Worth by the end of this month. truly. You’ll introduce locals to kaiten-zushi, which is conveyor belt-style sushi in which small plates of sushi (and other dishes) are placed on a conveyor belt that runs through the restaurant. You just pick up the dishes you want from the belt. If you haven’t tried it before, it’s an entertaining way to eat.

Several styles of sushi – including seaweed-wrapped maki and temaki rolls – are served alongside ramen, rice dishes, and entrees such as takoyaki and gyoza.

The owners of Akarii Revolving Sushi say the majority of the menu will be similar to the original restaurant in Mansfield, but there are plans for some new dishes as well.

Akarii Revolving Sushi – Order via your tablet and have fresh sushi plates delivered to your table via a conveyor belt.

Korean fried chicken for everyone

The worldwide acquisition of Korean fried chicken is starting to gain steam. Believe me, this trend is only growing. One global restaurant for Korean fried chicken – bb.q Chicken, the brainchild of Genesis BBQ Group – started in Seoul, Korea in 1995. bb.q Chicken celebrated its 1000th restaurant by establishing Chicken University in 1999. This is where the It teaches franchisees the art of the two-day preparation process – from marinating chicken to frying chicken.

BBQ Chicken adds its first location in Fort Worth on Perry Street.
BBQ Chicken opened its first Fort Worth restaurant on Perry Street.

Now, there are more than 3,500 outposts for BBQ chicken, including a brand new location at 2880 W. Berry Street near TCU in Fort Worth. This Texas takeover is gaining momentum. There are now three BBQ chicken restaurants in Plano, one in Richardson and one in Arlington so far. Expansion is also underway in Houston and Austin.

At BBQ Chicken, you can enjoy the Golden Origin (which is the crispy chicken, not to be confused with the original recipe of another popular fried chicken chain) or the secret Korean-style dipped sauce. There are also exotic flavors including soy garlic, honey garlic, Gang-Geong, sauced galbi or spicy galbi, and cheese-crusted galbi. Boneless chicken is served with traditional wings and inside whole chicken with sides. And yes, you can order it in the bucket too.

If you have a favorite and interesting chain of restaurants that are not in Fort Worth or North Texas yet, just wait. It will likely come soon.

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