New Horizons fan shows off amazing KK slider pie

One fan shows their love for Animal Crossing: New Horizons and the KK Slider by making a special villager-themed pie.

one of Animal Crossing: New HorizonsThe most famous of the featured villagers is the visiting musician KK Slider. regular in animal crossing The video game franchise, KK Slider plays a special role on the Nintendo Switch by holding private concerts and giving players a soundtrack that they can use on their island. at recent days , ACNH One fan decided to show their love for the musical villager by baking a real pie with its hearty design based on the KK Slider.

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When Animal Crossing: New Horizons First launched in 2020, fans will likely be excited to discover that KK Slider will be back. unlike Animal Crossing: New Horizons Special villagers such as Tom Nook, Nooklings, Blathers or Isabelle, KK Slider do not appear on the player island on a daily basis. The dog groomer makes weekly visits instead, and players often look forward to spotting the character in their island yard, which often signals the start of the weekend.

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On Reddit, user spookydonuts used his real-life skills to show their love for KK Slider. In their post, they shared a photo of a real pie they baked with a KK Slider design on the crust. The design of the character’s shell was in the iconic sitting position, holding the guitar they’re playing on the Nintendo Switch game. Spookydonuts even included a file Animal Crossing: New Horizons From the tree to the pie crust design, most likely as a way to fill an empty space on top of a pie filling.

Several responses to the thread praised the spookydonuts’ work, saying the pie looked delicious. Others commented on the Redditor’s baking skill, especially since they were able to put together a decent looking photo Animal Crossing: New Horizons‘KK Slider on a pie crust.’ Some fans also asked what kind of spookydonuts were used as a filling and how they made it look so green. According to the Redditor, they used green apples, which is why the filling had a distinct green color.

According to spookydonuts’ Reddit, they seem to have a lot of experience making custom pie crust designs. They have also posted other designs that they have created based on series like Avatar: Another Airbender And the Harry Potter. However, KK Slider pie crust seems to be the first they’ve made Animal Crossing: New Horizons. With a large roster of villagers and special characters, we hope the artist will be inspired to make more animal crossing– Future themed pie crusts.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Now available on Nintendo Switch.

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