New Underground Tequila Bar is headed to Nashville

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The translation of the word margarita is “daisy” in the English language. While the origins of the infamous margarita are vast and manifold, one thing is for sure, we just can’t get enough of its allure. Wherever it appears, a good time follows and this time, it comes back to life under the iconic Upper Broadway hustle of Nashville and will change the cocktail scene in Music City and beyond. It has its own rhythm. She has the South’s most coveted margaritas menu – no, anywhere. It’s cool, elusive and underground. She pushes daisies.

Prolific restaurant creator Sam Fox is preparing to revive his first pub concept which is due to launch later this year in Nashville. Following the epic success of Nashville’s hot spot, The Twelve Thirty Club, Fox Pushing Daisies will open right below its legendary Mexican restaurant, Blanco Cocina + Cantina.

“Has anyone ever had a bad time sipping a perfectly crafted margarita? I guess that’s impossible. To prove it, we went back to the beginning and guess what we found? Tequila has been the star of the show throughout history and his story proves that people will and always will,” said the Fox founder. “At Pushing Daisies, we hope to celebrate tequila and friendship, two things that will always be together.”

Located on Fifth+Broadway, which spans an entire city block, Pushing Daisies guests will walk down stairs to an elusive underground passage, each step more immersive than the next, bringing you closer to discovering the bar’s nondescript front door. Upon entering, guests will immediately feel as if they have been transported to the basement of an old Spanish casa in the heart of Mexico City. Designed in collaboration with renowned architecture firm Smith Hanes, no detail was spared when creating Pushing Daisies. The glowing bar radiates a warm light and will command attention as the bartenders create a perfectly balanced and upscale margarita.

Opposite the bar is the stage which will have custom stage lighting made from existing objects. Friends will enjoy margaritas along with the latest DJ sets in the prepared seats right on the stage. “Chrysanthemums” debuted all over the place, from the intricate floral patterns adorning the walls and benches to the chrysanthemum-patterned tile floor that surrounds the bar. Luxurious raised banquettes, pillows, leather-clad walls, and heavy plum-colored velvet curtains will create an intimate, comfortable and familiar space. It’s an unexpected escape from the traditional Broadway experience where the ambiance invites guests to toast and linger.

Pushing daisies will be a place for those who are looking for a fun and inviting night out. Guests can expect to be dazzled and dazzled (we think) by the most impressive menu of appetizer they’ve ever seen. Whether you prefer your tequila elegantly, over ice, or want to spice up a signature cocktail like El SanchoWe’ve got you covered. Besides high tequila makers, there are unique creations in which to enjoy sweet liquor and other specialty spirits such as And the truth is saidThe nice handAnd the poncho bliss Made with filtered coconut milk, dragon fruit tea, and tequila reposado. Guests will also want to experience luxury Karajeel With an espresso-infused vanilla liqueur and a spiced cold brew that’s sure to replace the espresso martini soon enough.

Pushing daisies is where friends meet with one thing in common: their love of tequila, the sweet liquor of the South. So it is normal to celebrate. A Little History Lesson – Tequila has survived (and frankly, thrived) throughout history. Today we can clip bottles to tequila bottles anywhere and anytime, but so many brave amigos and amigas tequila lovin had to risk everything to get us to where we are today. The sweet elixirs have been smuggled out for years, through the Mexican Revolution and Prohibition, which brings us back to 1942 – the summer when everything changed. Scribble on a pile of old bar tongues in El Paso, the original: the juice of one lemon, four-fifths of tequila, five-countertrees and salt on the rim of a three-ounce glass. bubble. Margarita was born.

Pushing Daisies was created by Fox nominee James Beard and the Fox Restaurant Concepts (FRC) team, and is seen as one of the country’s leading experts in creating restaurants and setting trends. He has introduced more than a dozen ever-evolving brands and opened more than 100 restaurants in his illustrious 25-year career. The introduction of this long-awaited latest concept is well worth the wait.

Pushing daisies is already starting to leave their mark. Over the past few weeks, Music City residents and Broadway visitors may have discovered floral-inspired art littered the streets in the form of chalk drawings, creating a buzz about where the Chrysanthemum track will lead. Follow @Drink_Daisies for a little chrysanthemum tasting and the latest updates on the upcoming opening.


Our story begins with Sam Fox, a man with a passion for hospitality and inspired by the infinity of food and design. His first concept, Wildflower American Cuisine, opened in Tucson in 1998 and today has offered more than a dozen ever-evolving brands including Culinary Dropout, Flower Child, North Italia, Zinburger, Blanco Cocina + Cantina, and Doughbird , and The Henry, and more. Now nearly 25 years later, FRC has grown into a team of nearly 5,000 employees in more than 60 locations across the country. The announcement of Pushing Daisies follows news of the opening of his new restaurant in Nashville, Doughbird Pizza + Chicken, located in Hill Center Green Hills. The team at Fox Restaurants is a community of creative thinkers passionate about bringing big ideas to life, creating amazing community experiences and sharing stories about great food. For more, visit

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