New York bar sells gallons of beer for gas in protest of Biden inflation

A New York City bar owner with a tank full of pockets is selling a gallon of beer for the price of a gallon of gas — in an effort to protest the Biden administration’s failure to stoke historic inflation.

Patrick Hughes, owner of Scruffy Duffy’s on Tenth Avenue in Manhattan, hopes to raise awareness about the challenges that continue to ravage small business owners in America.

“It’s just our way of calling attention to the inflation frenzy right now, especially gas prices,” Hughes, a New York City bar owner for 32 years, told Fox News Digital.

“Gas prices were ridiculous, and so were food prices,” he said. “As well as labor prices.”

Gallons of Scruffy Duffy’s beer are poured from the tap into a red plastic gas canister, the same container you find for emergency filling at your local service station. (On Friday, he was selling a Miller Genuine Draft.)

The price of a gallon of beer at Scruffy Duffy changes daily, reflecting the cost of a gallon of premium gas that day just a few blocks down the road at the local—and very expensive—Midtown Mobil station.

That Friday price was $7.29 per gallon, posted on a back-of-the-bar carry plate complete with gas station photos.

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A gallon of beer was $7.29 on Friday.

“Sure, it’s a gimmick,” said Hughes, who has been a New York City bar owner for 32 years.

“But everything that comes out of this administration seems like a gimmick,” he said.

Their domestic energy policy is ridiculous. It’s silly. It kills small business owners. It’s killing hard-working Americans.”

New York City is home to some of the highest gas prices in the country.

A gallon of regular gas averaged $4.78 on Friday, according to the American Automobile Association.

That’s down from the record high of $5.21 set a month ago, but still a shocking 45% increase from the $3.29 a gallon New Yorkers paid for gas in July 2021.

The regular national average gallon on Friday was $4.58, up 45% from the $3.16 Americans paid for gas a year ago, and a shocking 117% increase from $2.11 a gallon on the day Joe Biden was elected president on November 3, 2020.

There’s a catch for a gallon beer deal at Scruffy Duffy’s.

Local ordinances prohibit patrons from purchasing 128 ounces of beer themselves — the equivalent of eight traditional 16-ounce pints.

So a gallon of golden beer should be divided in four ways – in addition, each guest must purchase an appetizer or other food item.

“In the old days, we had to give up wings to get people to come over for a beer,” Hughes said. “Now food is too expensive, and we have to give up beer to get people to come and buy wings.”

Hughes has a history of generating headlines with clever promotions.

His bid to sell his two Manhattan bars for bitcoin in 2021 exploded into an international story. The deal never materialized after bottoming out in the cryptocurrency market.

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