New Zealand woman loses weight after quitting the keto diet

A woman who struggled to lose weight shared how she managed to lose weight for good after quitting the keto diet.

A woman shared how she managed to lose 20 kg for good – and that does not involve cutting out carbohydrates.

Brittany McChrystal said a combination of “partying a lot” and moving to a full-time desk job – located near a dining hall – caused her to slowly gain weight.

The 26-year-old said she didn’t realize how much her body had changed, until she jumped on the scale at a friend’s house and was shocked by the figure staring at her.

“I didn’t really notice the weight gain,” said the Hamilton-based woman.

“I was starting to party a bit, so I was drinking a lot and eating a lot of junk food. I just wasn’t taking care of my body.

“Then I started working as a travel agent in an office, so I was sedentary all day.

“It was also located in a shopping mall, near the food court, so I often get my meals and snacks from fast food places.

“It took about a year to gain the weight, and people were making fleeting comments.

“I was sad about my appearance, I didn’t like to wear anything short or sleeveless.

“Then one day I stepped on the scale and reached my heaviest weight of 82 kg. At that moment, I knew I needed to change my life.”

Brittany said she was overwhelmed by all the different types of weight loss methods out there, and wasn’t sure which one to go about.

After hearing that carbs would hinder weight loss, I gave them up and switched to the high-protein, high-fat keto diet for 7 months.

While she lost an initial weight of 10kg, Brittany said she felt “totally horrified” – and once she stopped keto, she regained all of the weight.

“There is a lot of information but what we need to do to lose weight,” she said.

“It’s very easy to confuse all the different messages out there.

“I started doing the keto diet, because I heard that carbs were bad and that you could lose weight.

“I lost 10 kilos, but as soon as I stopped I got it all back up. I also felt so awful, I even went to my doctor.

“I wasn’t eating enough, it was too restrictive and in the end it was detrimental to my weight loss journey.”

Since then, Brittany has dropped 20kg since she went off the keto diet and now weighs 59kg – adding that the key to her weight loss is balance.

She now enjoys all the foods she loves in moderation, and has learned how to make her favorite dishes even healthier.

She also works out 4-5 times a week, and shares her amazing progress on her TikTok and Instagram pages.

“I like to live by the 80/20 rule. 80 percent of the time I keep things healthy and balanced, and the other 20 percent I enjoy all the things I love, like fast food and wine.

“When I was at my strongest, I loved oily Chinese food and any Asian food like noodles and pork chops.

“I still enjoy these meals, but I can now make them healthier, and fit into my regular diet.

“This is the key to long-term weight loss, you need to enjoy it and keep it sustainable for your lifestyle.

“Mentally, I am much clearer and more positive.

“Writing in my journal has been a huge help, and every day I write what I am grateful for.”

Brittany’s weight loss also changed the trajectory of her career.

While she was working as a travel agent, she turned to the fitness industry – and now has legions of followers on TikTok and Instagram who are inspired by her content.

She also created her own fitness app “BrittFit,” which features hundreds of healthy recipes and workout routines.

“People see my transformation on TikTok, and many have said I look like a different person.

“I love being able to inspire and help others, that is my passion now.

“I think what I will say to anyone looking to lose weight is just the beginning. This is the hardest part. The best investment you can make is in yourself and your health.”

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