Nick’s keto-friendly ice cream is on track to triple US revenue this year, expanding into new categories

Alchul, the veteran dairy industry expert who took over the leadership of Nick USA in January 2021, said Nick has launched like a rocket ship in the US as consumers seek tolerable indulgences – products with fewer calories and lower carbs, which no Still delivers taste and texture.

We had over $9 million in total sales last year – a little less in net sales – and we’re on track to triple that number for 2021 because we have great taste, great texture, and unmatched nutrition.”he told FoodNavigator-USA.

While Nick plays in multiple categories of the store in EuropeIncluding beverages, snacks and sweeteners, the US business initially focused on light ice cream, Alchul said. However, its keto-friendly bars (“they have Protein bar nutrition but tastes like candy”) – which was launched directly to the consumer in nix.comAnd they’ll make it to retail just in time – they’ve been a hit, while new ice cream sandwiches will hit the market soon.

Alchul said the brick and mortar business is growing strongly, with 80% of retail partners increasing their SKU number during category reviews, and distribution has grown from 3,500 stores at the end of 2020 to nearly 6,500 today.

The subscription service now accounts for between 25 and 30% of our online business, depending on the month

However, the direct-to-consumer business, which has only been up and running for a few months, has been a runaway success story, he said, with distribution partner e-Tailer Inc — which handles ice cream distributions for several brands — claiming Nick made a direct rise in Consumer sales are higher than brands like Ben & Jerry’s and Häagen-Dazs in June.

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