Noah Schnapp talks about pizza, ‘Stranger Things’ and vegan snack line

Noah Schnapp says his favorite food is simple: pasta with red sauce, pizza, and apple juice top the list. (Image: Getty, Design by Quinn Lammers)

Because food connects us all, Yahoo Life serves up a plate full of talking with people excited about what’s on their menu. Deglazedseries about food.

Since bursting onto the scene in 2016 as Will Byers on the hugely popular Netflix show, Weird thingsNoah Schnapp was a household name. The ’80s-themed thriller is set to return July 1 for the second part of its fourth season, and fans are on the edge of their sofas waiting to see what happens to their favorite group of friends.

Like the last season of Weird thingsFood and all things delicious play a huge role in the life of the 17-year-old actor. What is his favorite thing to eat? Pizza.

But what kind of pizza does Schnap want to deliver from the Surfer Boy Pizza? While his order is a classic cheesecake, he’s also a fan of heating things up. “If I feel a little spicy, I love the buffalo chicken pizza,” he says. “I think it’s very good.”

Off screen, Scnhapp’s guilty pleasure is snacking on bags of cider from the artisan service table. “I also love goldfish and of course tbh (vegetable nut spread),” he adds. “I love crunchy and love the combination of salt and sweet. [I’d dip] Something salty in it, like a biscuit or something.”

Schnapp's vegan hazelnut spread, tbh, is the star of a new cupcake collaboration with Sprinkles.  (Photo: sprinkles)

Schnapp’s vegan hazelnut spread, tbh, is the star of a new cupcake collaboration with Sprinkles. (Photo: sprinkles)

Schnapp’s vegan hazelnut spread, tbh, has led to its partnership with cupcake brand Sprinkles: Together they release an exclusive, limited-time cupcake flavor starring a “better for you” version of the classic snack. tbh Chocolate Hazelnut Cupcakes will only be available on July 1 and 2 and will be sold out at all Sprinkles bakeries across the country. “It’s a dark chocolate cake and then in the middle is just like a tbh douche,” he says of the delicious dessert. “then [there is] Frosting cream cheese on top. I’ve tried it and it’s very good.”

Although Schnapp doesn’t follow a vegan diet himself, he wanted everyone to enjoy tbh. “I love that the nut spread is vegan because I get a lot of feedback from people who say they’re looking for a good spread that’s vegan too,” he says.

Schnapp’s love of sweet, savory snack combinations will also play into his perfect party for watching TV with friends. His table of goodies includes chips, salsa, and a fun popcorn mix. “Obviously the popcorn, and I think something sweet,” he says, “maybe like M&Ms to put the popcorn in. Honestly, popcorn is the show for me, and I’m ready.”

While he’s been acting for several years, Scnhapp still gets anxious at times. What calms his severe nerves is a snack before bed. “Toast with peanut butter and tbh,” he says. “I always have this before bed.”

If he’s looking for a taste of home, Schnapp tries a childhood favorite: his mother’s pasta. “I absolutely love good pasta,” he says. “Delicious pasta with red sauce is perfect.”

Schnapp says he is not very picky about food and will eat anything, but there are two things he will never touch. “Canned anchovies and tuna,” he says. “I guess that’s it. I’m very open to eating most things.

So what’s this ’80s-inspired actor’s dinner party playlist for? “I think ‘Running in the Hill’ should be mentioned,” Schnapp says. “I think it’s my favorite song too. And ‘The NeverEnding Story’ will always be there Weird things classic”.

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