Noodlemania Goes to Ramenwell – Mission Local

Annika, 20, and Mark, 70, are on their way to find Mission’s most popular Noodles.


To maintain the fabric of society, you have to sometimes humor people. You assure the drunk man in the bar that he can completely Fight a bear with his bare hands and win, this is your 70-year-old colleague’s summary of the history of the guild It’s so cool. So, in that spirit, Mark, when you declined my restaurant recommendation and decided instead that we’d be eating ramen on the hottest day of the year, I told you it’s a not completely crazy, It is actually Really good idea. Hey man, I just felt bad; At this age, you feel cold because your blood circulation is weaker than your ability to form coherent sentences.

But how do you test me? We arrived at Ramenuel, and I told the waitress we wanted to eat at the nine billion degrees outside. She asked me to switch seats so she would be “out of the sun”. amazing; Got a little warm in there, right? I knew too well that society dictated that I, younger, healthier, and prettier, should sacrifice my comfort for you, or risk looking like an asshole. It’s the same courtesy shown toward other protected groups, such as pregnant women, children, and in your case, those who are too far from rock.

Our waitress was sweating profusely when she served our menus and was really dumbfounded to find us, stupid and stupid, ordering tonkatsu ramen. Emphasizing our mistake by asking why we were there, she pointed out that the restaurant was deserted. But you’re used to being alone, right?

Quickly, a steaming bowl of “special pork ramen”, ramenuele’s version of tonkotsu, arrived. The pasta was wonderful. Chewy, although the portion was average. The broth – also known as the true mark of premium ramen – was divine. I immediately sweated, but the delicious soup allowed me to drown out half an hour of slicing Dante’s Inferno. Oh irony.

The meat was wonderful. Tender, with a crunchy edge covered in a tangy glazed sauce. Floating in the soup was some shredded meat that got tangled up in the noodles. Although the meat was delicious, I don’t know how to feel about the soft texture of the sliced ​​meat. I’m sure your gums appreciated that, though, Statler. In contrast, the taste of bamboo shoots was sharp and delicious. A nice waitress offered us some Dole Whip for dessert, but you declined. My generation has it easy enough already as it is, right?

In general, the ramen was amazing. I just wish I could enjoy it in a cooler, cooler weather and companion.

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