Now You’re Cooking: Five Easy Ways to Win in the Kitchen

Baked Brie in KitchenAid Mini Cocotte. The attached photo.

Just in time for the holiday season, exclusive kitchenware collectibles from New World’s KitchenAid make sure we all have our time to shine at meal time.

They say we eat with our eyes first; This summer season, New World is making it even more real with its latest exciting, collectible offering – five beautifully crafted KitchenAid ovenware, exclusive to New World.

“We wanted something that people would be proud to have in their homes,” says Peppa Brin, Head of Marketing and Customer Experience at New World. “These are definitely the kinds of items you can take straight from the oven or stovetop to the dining table.”

While the Christmas table is set to look super chic this year, the good news is that KitchenAid ovenware is also built to last, ideally suited for Kiwi home cooks, and using the cut-outs to accent a kitchen doesn’t require chef-style skills. “I am a working father and I have two children,” says Peppa. “So I totally know the need for maximum impact, minimum hack attempts that you want when people come along.”

Luckily, Pippa and her team sorted that out for us—with a collection of seasonal recipes to inspire customers to get cooking in KitchenAid’s new cuts (recipe cards available in-store and online).

KitchenAid Oven Set.  The attached photo.
KitchenAid Oven Set. The attached photo.

All you have to do now is shop – for every $20 you spend on eligible products in New World stores, or online, you’ll receive a sticker to go toward redeeming one or two cast iron blocks in the range (and there’s a part payment available, too). ).

The promotion is already live and you will have until January 23rd to collect as many stickers as you want. But a word to the wise do not delay redemption. It’s first served first until stock runs out. Look for additional label products each week, too, to help you reach your cookware goals faster.

To inspire your choices and ignite the fires of culinary creativity, here are five ways to bring some dazzle to the holiday table and beyond:

1. Add some cheer to your next cheese platter – with a mini cocotte.

“We think that might be the recipe for the season,” Peppa says. “It’s a little old – but it’s time to bring it back.” It speaks volumes for that delicious, bubbly taste of baked brie or camembert, cooked to perfection in a perfectly crafted little breakout dish. “It’s very simple—we have a recipe with honey, pistachios and cranberries—just pop it in the oven and you can pop it out as a centerpiece in a cheese plate or on its own with some toasted baguette. A real crowd—delightful.” Side note: Single creme brulee or baked eggs are best. A friend of Mini Cocotte too.

Peppa Brin, Head of Marketing and Customer Experience at New World, with the recipe of the season - Wild Bread at Mini Cocotte.  The attached photo.
Peppa Brin, Head of Marketing and Customer Experience at New World, with the recipe of the season – Wild Bread at Mini Cocotte. The attached photo.

2. Get the perfect summer pancakes and waffles for a picnic or make a sweet presentation dish – with this curvy pie plate.

A classic, this frilly pie plate is as good-looking as it is functional. The New World Philo Potato Tart recipe is a simple but impressive dish that can also use leftover roasted or mashed potatoes. But Peppa is really excited about the super festive baked White Rocky Road cheesecake recipe developed for this piece. “Personally, I’m a big fan of baked cheesecake because I think it’s fail-safe because you just know it’ll turn out just fine—and you can go to town with the toppings,” she says. “It would look really cool on the Christmas table.”

3. Be sustainable with “eating the plate,” using a medium baker’s dish with a reusable bamboo lid.

The adorable additions of the bamboo lid make this dish perfect for storing leftovers or placing in a plate without the fuss and waste of a wrap. “If you’re taking it with you to a friend’s house, you don’t need to put the cling wrap on it and it’s perfect for display—put it on the table with the lid on until you’re ready to serve,” says Peppa. “Great outdoors to keep insects away,” she adds. (Note: The lid cannot go into the oven.)

Kitchenaid grill pan.  The attached photo.
Kitchenaid grill pan. The attached photo.

4. It rained barbecue? Keep these charcoal tags on, whatever the weather, with this Grill Pan.

This handsome heavyweight casterone has a good surface area that makes grilling everything from steak, chicken strips, and shrimp skewers to green beans, asparagus spears, and roasted peaches, a simple but impressive feat. “Anything you can do on a barbecue, you can do on a grill pan,” Peppa says. “The grill lines make everything look and taste so much more.”

5. Create wonders in one bowl with a round casserole bowl.

“This is who we think is going to be the true show maker in the lineup,” says Peppa. While this cast-iron beauty is great for winter dishes and stews, there are many summer-appropriate dishes that make this sought-after ingredient a light work, like this one-dish chicken biryani recipe created by New World. “If you have friends coming over, you can sprinkle it with pomegranate seeds to make it look more festive—it’s super easy, all you have to do is put everything in the pot.” Since many of us have become bread-making fans during lockdown periods, you’ll be happy to know that this gem is great for a crunchy loaf, too. This piece is only available to New World Clubcard members – but it’s free and easy to join.

Visit or your local New World for more information on promoting KitchenAid and how to collect it.

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