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Street. Louis – Serendipity Homemade Ice Cream has had more than its share of serendipitous moments.

The ice cream maker lost its lease last December after 18 years in Webster Groves.

But as one lease closes, another lease opens. The store opens its new location at 4400 Manchester Street in the Grove on Sunday.

Coincidentally, Sunday is also National Ice Cream Day.

Owner Becky Jacobs said the site is also a shell. A few months before the previous location closed, she was contacted by her friends, Amy and Amrit Gil, from Restoration St. Louis. Real estate developers were building a new building in The Grove with residences on the top four floors and retail shops on the ground floor.

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“They are very committed to building livable, walkable communities, with everything people want to walk to, including ice cream parlors,” Jacobs said.

Harrison Shiller digs into a cup of Cookie Monster ice cream at Serendipity Homemade Ice Cream, which opened Sunday at its new Grove location.

Photography by Daniel Neiman

The developers even designed the store’s interior, which is much larger than the previous location at Webster Groves. The renamed store graphics, including a new logo, were created by Studio X.

The new larger space allowed Jacobs to expand her dream. Planning to sell alcoholic drinks in a bar in part of the store, high table with bar stools. She also wants to serve coffee and light pastries.

Jacobs calls the concept “coffee to cocktails, and ice cream in between.”

But this idea will take time. She has applied for a liquor license, to add alcohol to what she calls “shakes” as well as to serve in the pub. It may take up to six months to receive it.

And the grand opening doesn’t go as smoothly as you’d like.

“A construction accident rendered my ice cream dipping cabinet out of service and beyond repair,” she said.

Ice cream dipping tanks are those cases that keep bowls of ice cream ready for room. The shell is supposed to contain two of them, holding a total of 28 types of ice cream.

But the two larger cabinets were shattered when the installer drilled a hole in them. Ten inches from the hole is a bright orange sticker that warns installers not to drill holes in it. The drill pierced the condenser coils.

Your new ice cream dip cabinet should arrive within seven to nine weeks. Until then, the store should handle one cupboard of 12 ice creams.

Flavors available now include standards like chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, coffee, butter pecan, and mint slices, along with more exotics like mango sorbet, peanut butter, chocolate, play ball (it tastes like Cracker Jack) and salty caramel. , Gold Coast chocolate (“It’s the original Velvet Freeze recipe,” Jacobs said) and one of the most popular flavors, Cookie Monster.

Cookie Monster ice cream is bright blue—like Cookie Monster on Sesame Street—and tastes like cotton candy, with Oreo cookies and chocolate chips mixed in.

Her creation was also a fluke, coming at a time when Serendipity already had the flavor of blue cotton candy.

“I was at an ice cream shop in another city. They had blue ice cream that wasn’t cotton candy, and next to it they had another ice cream that had oatmeal cookies. I was looking at them and I had an idea,” she said.

The flavor is very popular. “Now, when we’re running out, a rebellion is in full swing,” she said.

Cookies play a role in one of the other biggest sellers – ice cream sandwiches made with a variety of homemade cookies. They call it Dipity Dough.

Jacobs now has the space and facilities to rebuild the wholesale portion of its business, selling special flavor creations to area restaurants. The developers, Restoration St. Louis, using a commercial kitchen for its wholesale business while the store closed, but now it will be able to devote more time to making ice cream for restaurants.

Oftentimes, chefs have an idea of ​​what ice cream they want and it turns out they actually make it, she said. But she enjoys working with chefs to create a new flavor based on their ideas and expertise. (Pro tip: For the best honey flavor in your ice cream, use honey liqueur instead of actual honey.)

I recently worked with a StilL 630 distillery to get an ice cream treat to celebrate 6/30, June 30th. Using pecan bourbon made by Belle Toffee, a Kansas City company, and StilL 630 bourbon, they came up with Butter Bourbon Toffee Ice Cream.

She said it was a huge success. But not all collaborations with the chefs were accidental.

One of the chefs – a friend – had an idea to serve ice cream based on soup: tomato basil syrup. Jacobs tried everything she could to make it work.

“It wasn’t good,” she said.

Serendipity Homemade Ice Cream, 4400 Manchester Avenue is open daily from 2-9 pm For more information, call 314-833-3800.

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