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Someone needs to stop me, my wallet can’t take it anymore

Ramen for almost any pallet, and a great experience for any diner

If you win the lottery and you’re stuck in PullmanAnd the I can easily have O-Ramen every day.

This article is indeed a cry for help from my wallet for spending a lot of money there, but after trying everything on the list I can seriously say I’m an expert.

The short answer: O-Ramen is delicious and you should go now, whether it’s for delicious food with fresh ingredients, or homemade pasta from your new pasta machine!

O-Ramen is located in the heart of downtown Pullman, down the street from My Office Bar and Grill and Pups and Cups Cafe. Like most things in our wonderful city, it is within walking distance of most areas but also comes equipped with a decent sized car park right next door.

This popular spot implemented a table-side arrangement; Simply scan the QR code on your table, and you can start building your meal through the tab system. While the ordering system is a great way to reduce any streaks that form, I have to stop myself from indulging in it and ordering more food at times.

Let’s talk about ramen.

O-Ramen can be proud to offer a variety of ramen to suit the taste of any customer who comes. If you want seafood based ramen, Shio is the choice for you, and for chicken base or pork base, try Shoyu or Tonkotsu respectively. There is also a vegetarian option and one of my favorites, Jake’s Bowl.

Most importantly, the ramen taste delicious! Each has a distinct flavor and strong aftertaste that’s hard to beat, and they’re just the right size for your fill. If you want to customize your bowl, the staff are really good about alternatives and dietary restrictions!

Ramen isn’t your thing? Don’t worry, there are plenty of options to enjoy. Try the wazza, gyoza, kajari for more variety, or whatever you share with your friends over a bowl of ramen. The hot pokes will be especially good on the upcoming hot summer days and I would recommend them to anyone.

For my friends who are over the age of 21, there are a variety of alcoholic options to go with your meal. These range from wine and beer to a full range of sake. If you don’t know much about Japanese drinks, the staff will be happy to help you choose a drink that you actually enjoy.

My favorite Gokai Junmai Cup is the Gokai Junmai Cup, but be sure to find one that suits your taste! If sake isn’t designed for your plates, Sapporo Beer also goes well with most ramen you’ve found.

And of course, if you can’t drink alcohol, O-Ramen has a variety of drinks from bottles of soda to tea, so although the weather gets hotter, I don’t think I’d recommend hot tea anytime soon.

I haven’t had a bad dining experience at O-Ramen yet, the combination of great food and atmosphere created a great dining experience. Once the rain finally stops, you can sit outside and soak up the sun while enjoying your food.

The only thing stopping me from going to O-Ramen every day is the price. You certainly get what you pay for for the volume and quality of service, but it tends to be more expensive for some college students.

It can often be an affordable treat but it’s hard to justify as a meal every week. Having said that, somehow I still end up there more than once and dig into a bowl full of Hakata.

If the weather is very hot and the air conditioner or fans in your home are too comfortable, O-Ramen is great to order. Broth and toppings are packaged separately so nothing gets too soggy.

Grab some friends, bring up a big appetite and find yourself in O-Ramen. If you see me there for the second time that week, don’t say anything though!

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