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Kurt William Mackay, 54, of Fort Collins, Colorado, met Jesus and the radiant warmth of eternity on the longest day of the year, June 21, 2022. We will greatly miss the light he brought into this world. Kurt was born on September 29, 1967 in Murray, Utah to Merlin Clegg and Don Evelyn MacKay. He was an adorable little kid, the youngest member of a blended family when Merlin married Edith Ellen Dix in 1970. He made his older siblings laugh all the time and loves telling stories, often laughing so much that he couldn’t get it through them. Kurt loved running, hiking, fishing, boating, camping, and gardening. All things out of doors were his favourite. He threw most of the fish he caught, was not fond of eating them, and had a soft spot for animals. He loved horses, dogs and all creatures. People shared a common theme: “He’s the cutest person I’ve ever met!” He was generous with the unfortunate, and gave everything he had. Spaghetti and roast beef were two of Kurt’s favorite dinners, and he often made them himself. He loved reading Louis Lamore and other old Western novels. He was very patriotic and loved his country and the freedom to make any life you chose. He was creative and loved to plan inventions, fly model airplanes, and decorate Christmas. Kurt married Jodi Straub in 1986, and they became parents to his first son, Kevin. Soon after they went their separate ways, he married Anne Middleton in St. George, Utah, and happily took on the role of father to her daughter Irene. Kurt and Ann had children, Josh, Justin, Morgan and Tyler, who raised their family for many years. He found Marina Lynn Riggs and married her in July 2014 in Parwan, Utah. He loved each family individually, and being alone was devastating to him. Kurt had many jobs that he worked hard to do well and spent many years as a truck driver and heavy equipment operator, which are his favorite “toys”. He loved jobs that gave him any chance of playing in the dirt with his big machines. His lover Marina supported him in the last weeks and months as his heart and feet kept him from doing many of the things he loved. He was loyal to his Marina and loved his children and grandchildren more than anything else. His current wife, Marina, and children Kevin MacKay, Erin Emery, Joshua MacKay, Justin MacKay, Morgan MacKay MacKay, Tyler MacKay, and brothers Joe Lee Barron, Julie LeBaron, Jill Armigo, Janelle Billings, Troy MacKay and Kenneth MacKay are survived by his current wife. He has five grandchildren and many nephews and nieces. He had a big heart even when he was sick. He loved connecting with any and all family members and the many friends he made throughout his journey. He was preceded in death by his grandparents and his beloved Sissy Jennifer. He asked for his ashes to be “thrown over the Great Twin Falls Bridge in the Snake River” and spread over a favorite creek in Second Left Valley, near Parwan, Utah. Souvenirs can be given to your local homeless shelter.

Published online July 4, 2022

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