One pot pasta for those crazy seasons in life

I like pretending I’m a food writer, but in fact, most of the day, I’m a teacher. These two tasks are really related, right? Either way, one has to figure out what’s important, clarify it, and enthusiastically pass it on to someone else so that they want to try it too. (Do you convince people that they want to learn how to make a pie? Do you convince someone that they want to try reading long vowels? Sure, they are the same thing.)

All of this to say that, there are certain times of the year — at the beginning of the school year and the end of the school year — that really push the buttons. Not kidding. Just worn out. he did. Maybe your life is like this, too, with cycles of busy times that ebb and flow. Sometimes you’re really good at taking care of yourself, making good choices, and conquering the day – sometimes all you can do is put milk on cereal and call it dinner.

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