Opening of a new food court in the former auction market with 6 restaurants with a hybrid concept | Where do you eat Nola?

A new multi-vendor food court is set to open soon in the former home of Auction House Market, which closed earlier this year.

The Hall on Mag is now forming for an expected opening date of early August at 801 Magazine St. It offers six distinct restaurant concepts, from sushi to soul food, and a hybrid approach to service aimed at giving the food court even better variety.

Customers can go to each vendor’s stand to order at the counter, in the usual manner for dining halls. Or they can go the full service route, with reservations, a host to welcome them, a menu to order from any of the different vendors and table service for food and drinks.

Jamal Wilson is bringing Hall on Mag, a new dining hall style, to downtown New Orleans. (image contribution)

It’s the latest project from Jamal Wilson, a Tampa, Florida entrepreneur who runs similar concepts in Tampa and Orlando and has more plans in the works in Atlanta.

The key to this concept, says Wilson, is flexibility and giving customers different ways to experience the dining hall offerings.


The Auction House Market food court has an array of flavors and a central bar in the Warehouse District of New Orleans.

“The former dining hall model works very well for lunch, if you’re out with a co-worker and just want to grab something, but if you’re out for dinner with your significant other, you’ll probably want a full-service dining experience,” Ho He said.

The full-service model means people can order multiple courses from different vendors at once without waiting separately in each suite, which Wilson recommends as a way to try a variety of dishes in one meal. He said on his other sites, most people choose full service.

Hall on Mag will open with a mix of vendors, including some who are expanding from previous Wilson projects and some new ones. Here is the lineup:

  • south and jointSouthern comfort food
  • Amato ItalyItalian fusion
  • Ja NyeJapanese street food and sushi
  • American culture“for American upscale cuisine”, including Creole, Asian, and spirits
  • ItzianaMexican street food
  • El Grecofor mediterranean seafood

Wilson said he expects at least one more vendor to join the ranks and is now talking to New Orleans chefs about the possibilities.

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The auction market opened in 2018 and was originally run by Bullitan, the company behind the food court at Saint Roch Market and others across the country. The building’s owner, Felicity Real Estate, took over management of the hall in 2020, and it closed earlier this year.

Aham 8

The Auction House Market food court has an array of flavors and a central bar in the Warehouse District of New Orleans.

The new dining hall address is a sturdy Victorian-looking brick building that was formerly the New Orleans Auctions Showroom. The interior is designed in a more elegant style and the usual industrial chic look of dining halls.

The interior of the old building is a bright, open, windowed space encrusted with iron frames and cypress columns. The vendor stands along the perimeter, with a square bar in the middle and a tall window rising above it.

Renovations to the new dining hall were relatively light, keeping the central layout intact.

Aham 6

The raw Elysian Seafood bar is part of the Auction House Market, a food court in the Warehouse District.

The event space, now called The Library, has its own cocktail bar and Champagne bar.

The hall opened its first location in Tampa in 2017 and a second in Orlando with The Hall on The Yard last year. Wilson has more plans to expand into Atlanta.

Excited to join the New Orleans culinary scene, Wilson said he was drawn to the location of the mix of locals and visitors among nearby hotels, a convention center and offices.

“We grow, but we try to grow smart, to be the right place at the right time,” Wilson said.

hall in mag

801 El Majalla Street, expected to open in August 2022

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