Our review of three new Krispy Kreme Apple Cider-Glazed Donuts

No snack pairs quite as much with the changing temperatures of the fall season as cupcakes. There’s just something special about getting up, pouring a hot cup of coffee, and eating a donut while you stare out your window and think how beautiful the world can look, even as it is fast approaching its violent end. Oh, is this just something I do? Sorry.

While the morning donut/mourning ritual may seem frustrating and stressful, Krispy Kreme is making it a big improvement by dropping a new fall line of donuts that includes three new iterations of the Apple Cider Glazed Donut. Hooray!

This triple donut line is only available from now until September 19th — which means you have until this weekend to try these new donuts. There is no legitimate reason to eat All them in those few days, so we’re here to break down what’s worth the trip and which you should ignore as if we’re all collectively ignoring the fact that our planet is trying to keep us away from a natural disaster. Sorry for the existential concern – now let’s move on to the review!

Brown Apple Cider Sugar Cream – Glazed Apple Cake – Glazed Apple Cider

Dean Rivera

All three Krispy Kreme cider-filled cupcakes are delicious, but they definitely aren’t worth your time. So before you buy dozens of all three, let’s separate the good from the bad so you end up leaving Krispy Kreme with a box of 12 donuts for a limited time. Let’s start with the good thing – Apple Cider Brown Sugar Kreme Donut.

For these cakes, Krispy Kreme made a special new coating of real apple juice and spices and each bite provides a refreshing, comforting flavor reminiscent of the bitter, sweet, and tangy qualities of apple skin. Apple Cider Brown Sugar Kreme features an apple juice glaze, a few slices of candied apple flavor, and a light dose of sweet and sour brown sugar filling.

Dean Rivera

The brownies are really moist, but this gentle infusion of cream filling really helps keep every bite full of flavor, and the brown sugar cream has a light, sweet appearance that pairs well with the autumnal spices for the glaze.

It’s great, a must pick, and well worth the trip to Krispy Kreme this weekend alone. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same about the next entry in the lineup – Apple Cider Glazed Cake.

Dean Rivera

Well, maybe calling this donut “bad” is an exaggeration, it’s not inedible. It has the same sweet and sour glaze as the custard glaze but is very thick and forces you to focus excessively on the glaze, which tastes a lot more tart here without the brown sugar to balance it out. I found this donut to be such a chore, it desperately needed to be dunked in coffee or something to help out.

If the idea of ​​apple cake is unattractive to you, this will confirm your beliefs. skip it.

That brings us to our last cake in the lineup, our ugly little friend – the Apple Cider Glazed Donut.

Dean Rivera

ACGD, as I’m fond of calling it, is a basic, old-fashioned Krispy Kreme donut that sure looks weird and wrinkled, like a donut you’d find under a towel in the corner of a steam room, but it’s a huge improvement over the cake version. The glaze covers the entire donut here, and the old-fashioned form factor is smaller and thinner than a donut cake and makes a big difference.

You won’t feel the need to dip this baby, and you won’t feel guilty that you want two. If you can’t come up with the idea of ​​a cream-filled donut (you should really try it though, Brown Sugar Kreme is amazing), then this would be the perfect option for you.

bottom line

This weekend hit Krispy Kreme and buy an Apple Cider Brown Sugar Kreme or Apple Cider Glazed donut before you can. Skip the cake, it’s too thick and dry, even if the cake is cake jam.

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