Parents want to see progress in local stadiums

Sandwich Every day after school in September 2021 Kindergarten Olivia Buddy came home from Forestdale School crying.

“She could see the stadium but she couldn’t play in it,” said Olivia’s mother, Kelly Buddy. “Instead, they were playing with some bouncy balls and chalk on the gravel and black roof in the front parking lot loop.”

After speaking with her son, Nicholas, who had just finished third grade at Oak Ridge School, Kelly Boddy learned that the elementary school playground for grades three through six was also a mess.

“Every time something breaks at Oak Ridge, they kind of cut it and cover it up and it just keeps shrinking,” she said. “They don’t fix it, they just remove the problem.”

The stairs in the playground are crumbling and becoming rusty.
Pace Clyda, 5, of Sandwich, stands in front of the pole to show how the pitch is so high.
The playground has only one entrance for people with disabilities to access the swings.

Parents create a Playground project

The state of school playgrounds worked its way through patriarchal social circles, motivating Boddy and three other parents Angela Cleida, Antonia Cilitro, and Ashley Bolger to form the Playground Project.

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Members of the group met sporadically in coffee shops throughout the fall, worked to speak with school officials about the state’s Forestdale and Oak Ridge playgrounds and to raise funds for repairs. The group also focused on the town’s owned Sandwich Adventure Field, the only public playground in Sandwich.

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